“Don We Now Our Gay Apparel”

It’s time for one of those posts that include bullet points.

– My mom is living on her own at home now, and, aside from the expected tiredness that comes from a senior citizen having to endure three weeks of hospital stay due to pneumonia in both lungs while still dealing with blood pressure problems and stubborn arrhythmia , she seems to be recuperating quite well. She moves around most of the time without the use of her walker, and is back to doing things she likes…mostly. Thankfully two of my brothers are reminding her that she shouldn’t be moving furniture around. Nagging her into submission, that’s the key. I can’t do all the nagging myself, you know? I do hope that she eventually does get the strength back to give her the freedom she misses. My mom is very independent, and she has expressed how frustrating it is to not be able to do the things she used to do on her own. I don’t blame her, I would be frustrated too.

– I have 97% of my Christmas shopping finished! I have to get something for my nephew’s girlfriend who will be joining us this year on Christmas Eve, and I should get a few more stocking stuffers and some cat toys and treats (our pets need to be included in the Christmas festivities too, dontcha know??). But aside from that, I’m happy to say that I’m all done with both the out-of-staters and the in-staters. My mom and I will be grocery shopping tomorrow for the Christmas Eve gathering at her place.

– We had our choir concert today! It went really well. Our director messed up a few times, forgot to cue us on when to sit down. He joked about it and it got us laughing and smiling. Our other leader told us before the concert to smile a lot. It’s hard to keep smiling when we’re concentrating on getting the songs right in front of the crowd. But our director helps us loosen up.

– During dress rehearsal, half of our row was confused about whether we should sit or stand. A lady next to me, I’ll call her “R”, said to me, “Someone should say something to him, I think we should be standing.” I agreed, it was weird that half of our row was standing while the other half was not. The usual rule is, the first row will sit through the whole thing. People who aren’t able to stand through most of the performances. Well we were the 2nd row. Nobody else was bringing attention to our little issue, so I eventually spoke up and asked about the seating issue. Many others clarified for me, and voila, our entire row stood up. Problem solved. R was satisfied. Why she didn’t propose the idea herself is still a mystery. But I got the chance to hesitantly fight against my shyness and ask a question awkwardly among the entire choir ensemble. Check that chore off of my list of things I wasn’t expecting to do this year.

– Back to our concert. It’s hard for me to be 100% optimistic about some of our performances. Maybe I’m just as picky as our director. We still make little mistakes our director has told us about during previous rehearsals, and I think that the entire audience will notice it. Then when I meet up with my mom or other family members after our concert, and they rave about how awesome we sounded, I figure the mistakes weren’t as obvious as I thought they were, or my family was just humoring me. I will choose to think we sounded awesome. At the same time, though, I look for an expression on our director’s face after each song. Usually he seems pleased, and that’s also an excellent sign we’ve done well.

– I bought myself a little gift at Borders the other day. It was an “Office Space” kit – it came with a little booklet about the movie “Office Space” and came with a little baggie of pins, or “pieces of flare” that had different quotes from the movie on each one. I love the gift I bought myself. Selfish, yes, but I don’t care.

– Um..what else? I think that’s it….So far.

No wait. I’ve been on vacation since last Thursday and it feels great. I continue my vacation this week too and it’s the first time in a long time I have not given a crap about what’s going on at work. I love it.


7 thoughts on ““Don We Now Our Gay Apparel”

  1. I’m really glad that you’re enjoying your vacation. You sure got a lot done! I’m esp glad to know that your mother is recovering well and was able to go to your choir concert. That’s great your concert went well. I’m sure a lot of people are happy about being there at the concert, listening to holiday music.

    Go ahead and treat yourself to something fun and frivolous . You’ve earned it! Happy Holidays, Tara!

  2. Great that your mom is getting more independent, good that all of the family is reminding her to take it slow though. Well done on your choir performance. And well done on almost completing your Christmas gift shopping.

  3. I’m sooo glad to hear your mom is doing so well…and glad your brothers are doing their part to remind her to take good care of herself.

    Congrats on getting your shopping done! I know you have a large family and it can be quite challenging at times to think of something good for everyone on the list.

    It is really hard for me to speak up, too. I am like that other lady, where I might say something hoping someone else would ask about it “officially”. Good for you for being the one! And I do think that you are waaaayyy more critical than your audience. You hear every small nuance…they just hear a beautiful, polished performance. And family isn’t usually that good at humoring us, are they? haha!

    Your Office Space kit sounds great! Sounds like something I’d buy for myself as well….and you should buy yourself treats every now and then….especially when you are on vacation and it is almost Christmas. What better time to treat yourself!!!

  4. So happy to hear your mom is doing better. She sounds like my mom, always wanting to overdo it!!!! Nagging into submission, I like this idea.

    I’m sure you guys sound awesome. I think that since you are a performer and practice it everyday, mistakes are more noticeable to you than an audience member. This would be my guess.

    As for Office Space, greatest movie eva!!!!

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