Wear Pastel Colors and Sunglasses Today (Don Johnson’s Birthday – 1959)

When I was in junior high, my friend and I were into the whole Miami Vice thing. I still love the theme song, and another song called “Crocket’s Theme” is on one of my “Pure Moods” CDs. We wore pastels, and one day I wore a new, white jacket and…of course, rolled the sleeves up. My friend was totally jealous. Totally.

Today is Don Johnson’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Mr. Johnson!

Crockett - n - Tubbs


12 thoughts on “Wear Pastel Colors and Sunglasses Today (Don Johnson’s Birthday – 1959)

  1. Seb: Next Halloween I’ll throw a gigantic 80s party and you can come as Don Johnson! :)

    Laura B: Yeah, what did ever happen to Tubbs? I’ll have to find out.

    Cinthya: Nice to see another Don Johnson fan! :)

    AlienCG: Exactly! And then if someone questioned it, you could justify by saying it’s Don Johnson’s birthday and you’re a devoted fan.

    Manuel: I like to listen to that song in the car, it’s very soothing.

    Eros: Didn’t Glen Fry sing a few songs for that show?

  2. I worked at a shoe store at that time and had to schedule the high school students to get off early so they could go home and watch Miami Vice. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an entire episode before.

  3. DMarks: Totally understandable. I love that CD.

    Churlita: I know I used to watch entire episodes, but can’t remember any of them now. I remember that Crockett’s girlfriend overdoses on drugs in one episode, Phil Collins guest stars as a con man in another, and Tubbs gets beat up in another episode. Oh and my crush at the time played an undercover cop who got killed later on in the show. That’s about all I remember.

    TIm: I was surprised he wasn’t older too. He has changed quite a bit. Could be the alcohol abuse he experienced….or being married briefly to Melanie Griffith.

  4. Miami is allways cool ! The Art Deco-area plus many other interesting cultures. I love Miami Vice, it’s ambience, the colors, the night streets, and I think Johnson and Thomas are so handsome in it – yeah, it was a strange time when real men wore pink, I wouldn’t mind if it came back……

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