I went to the store after work today, because I had the urge to do a little Christmas shopping. It would have to be brief, though, because then I’d drive home, get some stuff for my mom, then drive over to her place, chat a bit and then go to choir. I wound up buying something for one of my brothers and his wife. Then I bought “Julie & Julia” to watch later on in the week.

My mind convinced me that it was Tuesday, and I heard that on Tuesday they would release “Inglourious Basterds” on DVD. So I went to the electronics department, eagerly looking for the movie. There was a rack that had labels on it for that movie, but no movies were stacked in there! Wow, people must’ve piled into Walmart to snatch up all the copies! I went over to a Walmart employee and asked him if he had more “Inglourious Basterds” in stock. He was unlocking a cabinet at the time, but when I asked my question his face twisted up and he replied, “Wha??” I clarified that it was a DVD and it should be in the New Releases section. “Oh, I thought you were kidding!…Um, I don’t know, ask that guy over there.” I was sent to a younger guy who looked grouchy and just as distracted. I asked him if they had more copies of “Inglourious Basterds”, to which he replied, “We won’t get any until tomorrow.” Ah. Okay.

As I went on shopping, I thought, “Maybe the commercials meant that it was going to be released on Wednesday.” I finally realized what day it was when I saw the commercial again and mentioned it would be out this Tuesday. The fact that I had choir tonight and only have choir on Mondays did not give me a clue.

Two more days left until my last vacation of the year. My scrambled brain will need it.

6 thoughts on “Monuesday

  1. hee hee! I have so done that. You just want your Inglourious Basterds! And it would have been the perfect time to get it, as there you were….it shoulda been there! Early shipment!

    I hope you had a great choir practice and that your mom is doing well.

  2. Hey, at least you got one movie you wanted! I’ve mistaken days, too. I showed up for work once on my day off! It had been long and trying week. I quickly left the building as soon as I found out my mistake (and before those co workers dragged me in to work!).

  3. We all make mistakes. Hmmm, counting on Walmart employees for help… hehe.

    That was such a great movie. The movie I really want is Up. I picked up some classic disney dvds for my sis. Think I will rewatch them as well, the animation is so amazing.

  4. Laura B: It was our last, Monday night choir practice of the year! We have dress rehearsal on Saturday and then the concert on Sunday. Yay!

    Eros: And now I have “Inglourious Basterds” now too! Yay! I picked it up at Target last night.

    Churlita: Thank you, she is getting better sleep and doing light stuff around the house. She said she walked around one day without her walker.

    Seb: Yeah, usually I look for things myself and don’t ask for help. Sometimes there isn’t any help around in that store! Enjoy watching those Disney movies, that sounds like fun!

    Silver: I’m still messed up this week still. I thought today was Friday.

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