What Household Chore Are You?

You Are Washing Dishes

You are a dreamy, thoughtful, and slow paced person. You enjoy getting lost in a mindless chore.

You can take on any task as long as you’re able to mentally check out while doing it. In fact, you enjoy any excuse to let your mind drift a little.You are the consummate multi-tasker, and you actually perform better when you’re given multiple tasks.

In your opinion, focus is extremely overrated. Why have one ball going in the air when you can have six?

My mind actually drifts when I’m folding laundry, but this is true too…when my dishwasher is broken.


5 thoughts on “What Household Chore Are You?

  1. You Are Making the Bed
    You are neat, chic, and stylish. You have a real eye for design and beauty.
    You love chores like rearranging furniture, tidying up, and making the bed. You feel better it when things look better.

    You’re a natural interior designer, and you’re always redecorating some part of your house. You like everything to look smart and modern.
    When you’re in creative mode, even the most boring of chores seem exciting to you. You’re just a natural artist.

    I don’t know if I’m chic or stylish, but I can tell you that I feel better when things look better. I also luv art!

    But I confess that I do feel uncomfortable leaving a messy bed. I always make the bed–even if I’m staying in a hotel! I mean, I know the housekeeping will clean up and make the bed, but I still make it anyway, because I don’t like leaving it a mess!

  2. Churlita: Vacuuming is kind of nice. My mom’s cat sheds a lot, so I’m thinking the next time I vacuum I could make another cat out of all his fur.

    Eros: I’ve made my hotel bed before too! And whenever I’ve gone on vacation and stayed with one of my brothers, I make the guest bed too.

    Laura B: Blog twins again, yay!! :)

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