Remember Blah Blah Day? Well it did turn out better! I had to work from noon to 9pm on Thursday. Sometimes that’s an okay shift, sometimes it’s not. I was starting to get drowsy at around 5:30pm, and figured it was time for another cup of fresh coffee. But I waited a bit, and was into some work, when pop! went the electricity, throwing us all into pitch black. The students in the theory room next to me made ghostly sound effects and laughed. I wanted to go towards the light, or at least the reception area where I know people congregate during an outage. So I blindly groped my way across the office, hoping I wouldn’t trip over anything, and then headed down the hall where there were some emergency stand-by lights all lit up. Then a group of us laughed and joked about who had tripped the electricity. Someone said they saw a flash of light over by the apartments across the street before the electricity went out. I guess it was a blown transformer. Anyway, we got to leave early!

Then this Friday I was finally able to pick my mom up from the hospital! I took her to my place instead of hers for two reasons; 1. Because I figured she should have a break the first couple nights from being woken up by the woman above her who seems to drop a bowling ball on the floor almost every morning….and 2..Because while she’s napping and recuperating for a few days, I can keep myself busy by playing on the internet in the other room. She loves sleeping on my new couch, it is very comfortable. I keep insisting she should sleep on my bed instead, and I sleep on the couch, but she doesn’t like that idea. Hm. Tricky.

Anyway, the hospital she stayed in was excellent, the staff took great care of her. A nurse dropped by today to organize her meds and do some other stuff which turned into an awfully long story I don’t want to get into now. The main thing is that things were taken care of, and now she’s taking a nap. Oh and all of the pneumonia is gone, did I tell you that? I mean of course, or they wouldn’t have let her go home. But it was excellent news, and her blood pressure is getting fixed as well. They cut out one med that she didn’t need, and that was the most expensive! Yay! Thank you again for all of your patience and well wishes! I know I must’ve seemed depressed and I caught myself droaning on and on about it. That’s where thanking you for your patience comes in.

Okay, so on to another topic. I was going through a box of old photos that my mom had stashed in a cupboard at her place, and came across an old greeting card I made for my dad. I think I was 9 or 10 back then, and he had the final say about whether I could get my ears pierced or not. He approved, and I felt inspired to draw him a “thank you” card.

Here it is (first the cover and then the inside message):

Greeting Card - Front

Greeting Card - Inside

7 thoughts on “Zap!

  1. I am so glad you hear your mom is home! This is great news. It is nice that she is with you for now, too.

    Sometimes I work a 12-9 shift too. Sometimes I don’t mind it, but it does make for a long day…you lucked out! Blown transformer, eh? Hmmm. haha!

    I love your thank you card to your dad. Always the artist.

  2. I’m glad to hear that your mom is out of the hospital. Having an outlet to vent about the situation with your mother was a good thing so please don’t apologize for that. My dad had a serious health scare a few years back and if I had an outlet like my blog I would have used it too.

  3. I’m so glad you felt comfortable enough to share what’s been troubling you. I’m happy that your mother is recovering well and spending time at your place. Cherish your time with her…and as happy as I am for having spent whatever time I had left with my Mom, I do wish that I had more time just to keep her company.

    Your thank you card to your dad is fantastic and wonderful. It’s great that you still have it after all these years. You’re a good daughter, Tara. You’re a really great one!

  4. I’m so pleased for you that you have your mom back from hospital. Take care of each other. I just thought maybe the power outtage was actually an experiment in a lab draining the local power to create a monster (I’ve been watching too many films!).

  5. Laura B: Yeah, someone else questioned the blown transformer too. Things that make you go hmmmm!

    Seb: Thank you! My mom was so happy when she was able to go back to her own place. She said everything felt cozy. Good times! :)

    Silver: Thank you so much! This blogging thing has helped, but I still keep lots of things inside. Or I blog them and never publish them. I just save them as drafts, and eventually I’m able to delete them.

    Eros: I do regret that I wasn’t as patient and friendly with my dad like I should’ve been, though. Now I realize that the two of us were so much alike with shyness.

    FW: Thank you! You’re probably right about the monster experiment gone awry! Never thought of that, but it all makes sense! :)

    Churlita: Thank you, she stayed with me for a few days and now she’s back home! She’s just very tired warn out.

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