Blah Blah Day

I think I’m getting a blah blah cold. Son of a blah. I felt like I was sneezing all blah blah day yesterday.

Visited my mom at the blah blah hospital last night in the freezing blah blah cold to drop off something she needed. By the time I was ready to leave, the blah blah snow was blowing around. I got home but couldn’t find a blah blah parking spot nearby. I knew it would snow more, so I found a car port farther away from my building and parked there. I had three, blah blah bags to haul, so I did that while mumbling serious blah blah-isms under my breath. I don’t care if the blah blah neighbors heard me.

A few good notes, though! Had a great night’s sleep, and….hopefully….Hopefully! My mom can come home tomorrow! Frozen fingers crossed!

Then today on the way to work I had to drop some clean clothes off at the hospital for my mom and couldn’t find a close parking spot. Son of a blah. I was able to drop the clothes off with my mom and spend five minutes with her before I had to leave and go to blah blah work.

I hope you have a swell day, far from blah.

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