– I almost ran into the doorway today at work. I was walking down a hallway towards my office, turned to say “hello” to whoever was walking behind me, then turned and swerved just in time to avoid total embarrassment! Yay for me.

– Yesterday was very cold, this morning it’s 50 degrees and then the temps will dip again and we’ll have snow later today and tonight. This concludes my express weather report for today.

– When I was learning French in school, there was a page I remember that showed a girl sneezing. Instead of saying “Achoo”, it read, “Acholm.” This has stuck in my head, and it makes me laugh to this day.

– Last night was sheer contentment. I was starting the project of making out Christmas cards at my desk. Skittles was curled up nearby on my bed and my mom’s cat, Joshua, was lying in back of me on the chair. Meanwhile the icy rain pitter-pattered against the window. It was quite cozy!


8 thoughts on “Acholm!

  1. -Way to avoid embarrassment! Kudos :-)

    -How do people stand so much cold? That’s just crazy talk.

    -I love the books here that tell how animals sound in other languages…the dog says ‘chau chau’ in Polish…the rooster says ‘koh keh koh koh’ in Japanese. Awesome.

    -Your quiet, productive evening with your trusty cat companions beside you does sound wonderful. A time like that is the only time I am not complaining about the rain.

  2. I would have hit the door and, before I embarrassed myself, I would stand up and take a bow. I meant to do that.

    The winds tonight are quite wild and somewhat noisy.

    Gesundheit. I took German.

    Why does this sound like a Norman Rockwell painting?

  3. Churlita: I have only fell on my arse a few times during the 7+ years I’ve worked at the same place. Shouldn’t I get some kind of reward for that?

    Tim: Mirci!

    Lablahblah: You should be here today, it is hard to breathe outside. It makes us either sleepy or cranky.

    Suze: I can ask “what time is it” in French too, and I can ask “what is your name” and tell people my name. That’ll get me far!

    AlienCG: I will take a bow or curtsy the next time! Or throw my hands in the hair and hiss, “Super star!”
    I think Norman Rockwell should have more artwork with cats in it.

    Silver: I’ve done that on occasion too. It’s always a proud moment, isn’t it? :)

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