“Less hoes, more ohs.”

Choir was fun last night. I didn’t go last Monday, and I think it was a nice break for me. I felt refreshed and ready to take on the hardest songs.

The Cackler was there, doing her usual thing, but with a twist of honesty. Our choir director, Mr. F. noticed again that someone in our Soprano section was singing too sharp during a few songs. I’m not a perfect singer, but I was 95% sure he wasn’t talking about me. The sharpness was coming from behind me, in the general direction of the Cackler. She actually spoke up last night and said, “That might be me..” But Mr. F. was distracted by some other thing he wanted us to practice, and I don’t think he heard her.

Oh and Mr. F. had us ladies all to himself. He likes to separate us and have someone practice with the men in another part of the church, and have the women stay in the chapel and practice with someone else. It’s kind of nice, and I think it helps us a great deal. Usually he has his father practice with the women, but this time Mr. F. stayed with the women while his father took the guys.

We got a lot of practicing done, and he got us laughing a few times. He even said something wrong again like he has in the past. Not insulting wrong, but there’s a word in one song where there’s an “h” in front of it. He didn’t want us pronouncing the “h”. He said, “Less hoes, more ‘ohs.” And then as we giggled he grinned, shook his head and said, “Oh, you know what I mean.” I love that guy.

He let us go early because he wanted to hear some soloists. So I was able to get home and only miss five minutes of “The Closer”. It was a peaceful evening, good times!


8 thoughts on ““Less hoes, more ohs.”

  1. Aw, I am almost touched at the Cackler’s honesty :-) Sounds like a good practice…and I LOVE hearing how the director has a tendancy to make these double entendre sorts of remark unintentionally. So cute.

  2. Churlita: I love it when he’s goofy like that during our practices!

    Silver:Thank you! Nope, she is not out of the hospital yet. They are fighting with her blood pressure which is the main thing that’s wrong now. Otherwise she looks and sounds so much better. I’ll let you all know when she can finally go home, it’ll be a happy time!

    Laura B: He’s a very cool director!

  3. Ha! That was funny! Sounds like you really did have a good practice. That is surprising that the Cackler recognizes that she’s the one messing up. I used to love it when choir practice let out early–nothing more boring than waiting for your turn with the director while he practices with the other sections of the choir…

    Best wishes for your mom’s recovery.

  4. Dmarks: Mmm HoHos and Oreos! I like em both!

    Eros: Thank you! I hope they let her out of that place soon. They’re thinking this weekend, but they’ve thought that before and it usually jinxs everything.

    Daffy: Thanks Daffy, I certainly will! :)

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