They Just Like Her So Much..

I’m going to stop thinking that my mom will be coming home any day. It seems to jinx things up. Every time someone has thought she would be able to go home, a doctor pops up and wants to keep her there. They just like her so much! Well actually it’s her blood pressure. They don’t like the fact that it’s still high, and she still has a little more pneumonia stuff in her lungs. So they’re keeping her for another week.

We were both upset about it yesterday morning, but now we both feel better realizing that they just want to make sure she’s strong and as healthy as possible before they can send her home.

She’s been moved down to the physical therapy ward so that she can strengthen her legs. Now she has a room mate, so it doesn’t seem so lonely.  I had dinner with her yesterday, and she said that she overhears some funny things during the day. One thing she heard, which you wouldn’t normally hear anywhere else but a hospital, was someone saying, “I just need your urine!”

Anyway, so that’s where it stands. I will just say that I hope she gets better soon so that she can finally go home.

7 thoughts on “They Just Like Her So Much..

  1. I agree with Silver. They are being rightfully cautious and surely that is better than just sending her on her way. But of course you want her to be 100% and at home again!

    I am thinking of you guys, Tara.

  2. That’s good that they want to make sure she is strong and well enough before they release her. And it’s so good that you visit her and talk to her. Got to get her health into a better state so that she can enjoy the holidays with her luved ones.

    That is funny what they say in hospitals.

  3. Probably the best thing to do is be at the hospital, but I’m sure it’s hard not being impatient!

    Hilarious about the urine sentence. I bet you could come up with a great stand-up comedy hour by hanging around a hospital.

  4. Only natural to want to be back home but everybody is right to extend her stay a little bit longer to make sure she is fit. Recovery from something serious like pneumonia takes a lot of energy just in itself. Wishing you all well.

  5. Churlita: Thank you! :)

    Silver: Ugh, yeah I don’t want her to have to go back to the hospital once she leaves it.

    LB: I’m anxious for her to finally be able to go home so she can sleep in her own bed and get back on track again. Thank you for thinking of us, LB! :)

    Eros: Yes, we definitely want her feeling 100% for Christmas and New Year!

    Seb: Oh yeah, someone could do a huge stand-up routine on stuff that happens in the hospital! Probably one of the reasons why the show “Scrubs” was so popular!

    FW: I think I misjudged how serious pneumonia could be, and then I have to take into account that my mom has blood pressure and heart problems. So that just makes it all more serious. I can understand why they’d want to make sure everything is taken care of for her. Thank you so much for the well wishes!

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