Belated Holiday (Draw Something Exciting on a Post-It Note Today)

Okay, so I finally remembered to bring home the Post-It doodles I created the other day, and scanned them into the computer. I was only going to post one doodle, but then I felt inspired to draw more today. Here they are, in no particular order. Apparently the Olympic games were on my mind with a few of these.

Here’s a sketch of a very curvy and dippy roller coaster.

Here are some random doodles that I usually create while I’m talking on the phone….

Doing a handstand on one of the parallel bars…

Lifting myself up with the rings. Not sure what this sport is called, though.

You see me here clearing the pole (with a smile) after jumping the pole vault.

Figure skating in the Olympics. I was twirling there, if you couldn’t tell.

Another drawing of the figure skater. This time I’m just gliding across the thoroughly Zambonied skating rink without a care in the world.

This concludes my belated celebration of the first holiday of December. I am tired. Good night! :)


11 thoughts on “Belated Holiday (Draw Something Exciting on a Post-It Note Today)

  1. I feel like the drawing lately. I walk up the stairs, fall flat on my face, get back up and run right back up for more. All wonderful drawings though. Are you dreaming of competing in the Olympics?

  2. Manuel: Thanks Manuel! :D

    Laura B.: Aw thanks LB! I’m glad they make you smile! It’s extra motivation for me to keep it up!

    AlienCG: I don’t know where the Olympics idea came from, except I know the Winter ones will be in Canada. But I wasn’t even thinking of competing. I’d be very rusty on my figure skating since I haven’t done it since high school.

    Dmarks: Ha, that’s demented! Hehe. Thanks for sharing!

    Churlita: They do look a bit dangerous. Lol. Thank you! :D

    Tim: I think you’re right, I hope they won’t miss their supply of lime green/lemon yellow Post-Its! :D

  3. Abroad: Yeah, I think it’s the nose. I’ve drawn the noses like that almost the whole time.

    Eros: Regular figure skating at the Olympics always makes me nervous. I don’t want them to fall.

    Seb: Thank ya! :)

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