Just a few things for tonight…

– First of all, today my mom was moved from CCU to the CCU “step down” unit, which is very positive news. I don’t want to jinx her progress towards getting out of the hospital, but I will say that she’s on her way to getting better. So thank you so much for all the good vibes and the happy thoughts!

– While shopping last week for last minute Thanksgiving stuff, I wandered into the kitchen utensil aisle. I heard a woman say to her mom, “Now Mom, don’t wander off, stay here!” then I heard the mother say sarcastically, “No, I was planning on going to the North Pole.” Hehe. I love overhearing banter and sass.

– I drew a picture on a Post-It note at work today for today’s holiday, but promptly left it behind. Duh! Stay tuned for stunning Post-It art tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Stuffing

  1. I didn’t realize something was going on with your mom, I hope everything is ok. Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers…

    Funny snippet from that conversation at the store, hehe.

  2. Thank you, everyone, for your positive vibes and well wishes! She’s been moved down (closer to the exit, we hope!) to Physical Therapy! Was moved down there yesterday and they want her to get the strength back in her legs so that she can go home soon. Yay!

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