December 2009 has Arrived!

Well heeeere’s the list for December! The last calendar of the year. Later this month I’ll be asking for ideas for the January 2010 list! Anyway, thank you again for your ideas! I really and truly appreciate it! Now let’s get on with December, shall we? I hope this last month of the year is happy and joyful for all of us!


1. Draw Something Exciting on a Post-It Note Today (and Post It!)
2. Try a New Snack Food
3. Make a Toast Day
4. Make Yourself a Cup of Hot Chocolate and Listen to Christmas Songs
5. Watch a Classic Comedy Movie
6. Make a Snowman Day (Actual Snow Optional)
7. Post Your Wish List Day
8. See If You Can Spot a Charlie Brown Tree and Take a Photo Day
9. Skip Down a Hallway Today
10. Blah, Blah Day
11. Make a List of Your Favorite Holiday Movies
12. Start Your Own “Psychic Friends Network” (Dionne Warwick’s Birthday – 1940)
13. Hair Scrunchy Appreciation Day
14. Drive Your Car Around in a Circle Day or Watch Someone Drive in a Circle (NASCAR founded this day in 1947)
15. Wear Pastel Colors and Sunglasses Today (Don Johnson’s Birthday – 1959)
16. Make Yourself a Cup of Tea (Boston Tea Party, 1773)
17. Turn to an Imaginary Camera and Shout, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!!” (Lorne Michaels’s Birthday – 1944)
18. Thank People in Japanese Today (Japan was Admitted to the United Nations in 1956)
19. No Worries Day (Don’t worry about one single thing today.)
20. Maroon 5 Appreciation Day
21. AlienCG’s Extraterrestrial Birthday!
22. List 10 Things You Like About Winter Today
23. Perform Feats of Strength and Air Your Grievances Day (For those who celebrate Festivus)
24. Family and Friends Appreciation Day (Christmas Eve!)
25. Merry Christmas, My Awesome Friends!
26. Kwanzaa Begins!
27. Greet People by Saying “Howdy” Today (Howdy Doody premieres on NBC on this day in 1947)
28. Think of Your New Year’s Resolution Today
29. Brag to Everyone that You’re Driving a Jon Voight Car or Holding a Jon Voight Pencil Today (Jon Voight’s Birthday – 1938)
30. Festival Of Enormous Changes at the Last Minute/National Bicarbonate Of Soda Day
31. Kiss 2009 Goodbye with “Some Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti” (Anthony Hopkins’s Birthday – 1937)

Christmassy Concoction

Here’s a random photo of a Santa hat entangled in a purple, glittery scarf.

7 thoughts on “December 2009 has Arrived!

  1. Laura B: Aw, I’m glad the list cheered you up! I hope it’s another fun month! :)

    Tim: I drew something on a Post-It today at work, but do you think I could remember to bring it home? Oh no! I will post mine tomorrow too.

  2. Great job on the calender!

    I’m combining Make a Toast Day (3rd) with Hot Chocolate Day (4th) with a twist–I’m going to make some nice delicious crunchy toast, butter it up, then dip it in some hot chocolate! And maybe watch a classic movie (5th) while I’m at it :)

  3. Eros: Thanks! Your merging of three of those holidays sounds great! I’m hungry for toast now.

    Churlita: Thank ya! :)

    Seb: Hey that’s a good idea! I’d love to see that happen. Lol.

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