“I’m on no sleep. No sleep!”

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t posted anything in over a week, and it kind of felt good to just not think about blogging. How did Thanksgiving go for everyone?

So after working at orientation last Saturday, I was able to start my week-long vacation. My brother dropped off the turkey on Sunday, then my mom and I went shopping for the rest of the groceries on Monday. Things were falling into place.

Then on Tuesday night, my mom called me and sounded awful. She asked if I could come over, because she wasn’t feeling well. Had the chills and was sore all over. She feared the H1N1, but I figured she was just exhausted from redecorating her condo and moving furniture. She tends to overdo it and winds up sore the next day. She was also nauseous, though. Well I served her some tea, she had some crackers, and warmed up a little. Then she decided to go to bed early. She asked me to stay overnight just in case.

Skip to 2am in the morning, and well she got worse. I wanted to take her to the hospital, but seeing as how she didn’t look like she could breathe too well, I called the ambulance. They arrived quickly, set her up on a bed and we all drove to the hospital.

Turns out she has pneumonia! We never saw that coming. I thought of other things she may have had, like a heart attack, but that wasn’t the case. Pneumonia in both lungs. So they gave her oxygen and meds to scare off the nausea and help her breathe better, and then both my mom and the nurses said I could go home and call later to find out which room she’d be in. By the time I got home, I think it was 5am. I had told my one brother what happened, the one that lives in the same state, and then the next step was to call the other three brothers. I hate that part. It’s breaking the bad news to them and also having to repeat the same details three times, while I field questions from them. So before I could get that done, I had to get some sleep. I slept from 5:30am until 8am. I could’ve and should’ve slept longer, but I wanted to get the calls over with and I didn’t want them to think that I waited till last minute to call them. That happened once before and I haven’t quite been able to forgive myself for it. Long story. So I called my brother in Texas, realizing that it was probably 5am there, but stopped caring what time it was. Then after I told Texas brother, I called the Arizona brothers. I called them an hour later, I think they’re three hours behind us. I was relieved once all the calls were done.

Now during all of this, I was pretty proud of myself for keeping it together. I was calm and collected (but concerned). But then came the realization that my mom wouldn’t be able to come home for Thanksgiving, they wanted to keep her in the hospital for awhile. Which, really, is the best for her health. If she has anymore problems, she’s in the right place for it. But it sucked, to be quite honest. We considered the idea of postponing Thanksgiving, and having it when my mom was home. Then my Ohio brother said that they wouldn’t be able to do it Friday, Saturday or Sunday, that we should go through with the meal anyway, even if it was without my mom. That’s when it all hit me, and I fought back the tears until I got off the phone with my brother. It was bound to happen, though, it had been quite a day so far.

Thankfully my mom is recovering. She still wheezes when she breathes and she has a cough, but she doesn’t have the nausea, chills or sore muscles (unless you count the ones from sleeping on a hospital bed), and she looks much, much better than she did when she first arrived at the hospital. She can eat now, too.

Also, I cooked the Thanksgiving dinner all by myself! It was sad that my mom couldn’t be there, but my brother and his family, plus my nephew’s girlfriend came over. The turkey came out perfect, the sides were great (except the stuffing needed some work) and after we cleaned up the dining room and the kitchen, and the dishwasher was loaded, we sat down to watch “Star Trek”. My brother and sister-in-law hadn’t seen it, but for the rest of us this would be our 2nd (3rd for me) viewing. We didn’t care, we love that movie. My brother got me laughing by making fun of how I said something. Usually that would cause me to be a bit irritated, but I was tired and it hit me just right and I had a good laugh. Then we all went to visit my mom and by the time we were all done pestering her, she was ready for sleep.

This morning, around 6am, the phone rang. Freaked me out, I thought it was something bad from the hospital, but it was my mom calling to check up on me and tell me it was snowing. She didn’t realize how early it was, but we talked a bit before she demanded I go back to bed. I fell back to sleep….until 8am, and the phone rang again.

This time it was my brother who said, “Hello, this is Mr. Ben Dover.”….I think I laughed, but can’t remember. Then he asked, “So what are you doing?”

Me: Sleeping.

Him: But it’s Black Friday, why aren’t you out shopping?”

The thought of going out at that time almost made me sick to my stomach. He just told me that they bought some poinsettias for our mom and that they were going to drop them off at her place. So we finally got off the phone and I tried to go back to sleep. Couldn’t. Dang it! I got up to start the day.

I actually got the urge to go shopping later on, though, but it was more retail therapy than Christmas shopping. I bought myself the Wii Fit Plus! I love it, quite a workout and very fun. I managed to buy two gifts, though. So it wasn’t all about me!

Went to visit my mom today and she said that the doctor’s going to take another X-ray tomorrow, and if things look better and all, she can go home either Sunday or Monday. But she will have to take it easy for two weeks – which means no overdoing it with lifting furniture and stuff. We’ve told her before that we’d be happy to help her move stuff, and this time she’s going to have to take her family up on the offer if she wants to stay out of the hospital.

So that’s how things have been going this week. Exciting, eh? It was kind of a strain to get myself to post this, but the post has actually been cut down a bit. Hopefully I’ll feel more like blogging tomorrow. First, though, I must sleep. I’m watching my mom’s cat, and he’s been hiding most of the week. Comes out to cuddle, eat, irritate Skittles, etc., so he’s okay. Skittles looks like I feel. She’s passed out on my bed and sleeping hard. I hope to sleep like that tonight. My mom misses her bed too, so hopefully she can get proper sleep on it when she gets to go home.

5 thoughts on ““I’m on no sleep. No sleep!”

  1. I wish your Mom a speedy recovery.

    Tara, that is so stressful, and I’m sorry you had to experience it all during your Thanksgiving vacation. But you handled it beautifully and admirably. Things do happen for a reason, and being on vacation gave you the time you needed to make sure your Mom gets the help she needs and your family still have a good Thanksgiving.

    Here’s to hoping you have a very restful sleep. You’ve earned it!

  2. I’m so sorry your mom was ill, but really glad to hear that you were so nearby and could handle things immediately. Sounds like she is recovering very well. Hearing a story like this is really a lesson to everyone during this particular holiday…I know I am feeling very thankful for everyone’s good health.

    I’m glad you were able to do something nice for yourself too. The Wii Fit Plus sounds like lots of fun and I think will be especially good during these colder months when you won’t want to be out and about. You can stay in and stay fit :-)

    Oh, looks like I am going to have to see Star Trek!

  3. Oh my Tara! What an eventful time you’ve had recently, no wonder you’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging – where would you have fitted it in? I’m so sorry to hear the news about your mom but it sounds like she is now on the road to recovery. Just so lucky that you were there to help. You’ll never forget this Thanksgiving!

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