I noticed that I haven’t posted anything since Wednesday. I don’t have much to report on, though, but wanted to post something for today.

Although it is technically my vacation for a week, I can’t quite celebrate it yet. I have to work a half day tomorrow…er…..today, now, actually, for our school’s orientation. But that basically involves me smiling at new students and their parents and introducing myself over and over. No big deal. There are two sessions of that before noon and then that’s it.

There’s usually breakfast nearby, so that’s always good. One time during a lull in visitors, my coworker and I went to look for some food. She tripped and fell on me. More like “at” me, since I never lost my footing, but her head and shoulders slammed into my right shoulder. That memory still makes me laugh. Sometimes I wish I had moments like that recorded so I could watch them again for amusement.

Anyway, aside from that there’s nothing to share with the world. I will be posting more within a few days, but I do hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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