“Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint??”

Well it’s the end of Wednesday, and I’m home in my jammies listening to music and checking out the internet while listening to the gentle rain hit the window. Plus my cat is content after I played with her and let her drink from the faucet. Life is good.

I didn’t have to go to work until noon today, so I went in for my scheduled doctor’s appointment for a yearly checkup, blood test (for pesky thyroid) and a flu shot. The nurse was awesome, the blood test part didn’t hurt at all and the shot just hurt a teensy bit.

My doctor, who wears cool ties, asked me:

“How old are you?”

Me: Thirty-five..

Doctor: Okay…Well when you turn 50 we’ll have to discuss some other tests to run. But you’ve still got some time.

Alrighty then! Can’t wait till I’m fifty. I suspect he’ll order me a colonoscopy (fun!) and a mammogram. Patience, Tara, don’t get too excited! I’ve had a few mammograms in the past, they’re so comfortable. I’m sure the colonoscopy is like going to a spa.

After the doc’s appointment, I went to work and we had a staff meeting. We were fed, which is always great incentive to attend one of those things. It wasn’t a bad meeting and the chicken was good. Some of my lovely coworkers won some much-deserved awards, and it seemed everyone was appreciated. Very refreshing! Like a Junior Mint for the soul.

Aside from those little tidbits, though, I don’t have much else to talk about. How ’bout you? I hope you all had a productive day and are very ready for the upcoming weekend which is only a few more days off.


8 thoughts on ““Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint??”

  1. Doctor visits….I remember those from back when I was pregnant! Um…13 years ago. I should probably have a check up, eh?

    Your staff meeting sounds rather nice! We have on every Wednesday, but the only time we get food is if it is someone’s birthday. Bah.

    haha! I love the Junior Mint Seinfeldism. It’s cool. It’s refreshing. It’s a Junior Mint!

  2. I was laying a beat down on a concrete utility tub in my basement last night. I still have more work to do today which should be fun and tiring.

    Your doctor is a real “look-ahead” type of guy. You’re 35, but he’s already seeing 15 years into the future. You’ll have to update on that when you finally get there.

    Whenever a meeting was imminent this was the conversation that took place:
    Supervisor: “We have a meeting at 10:00 this morning.”
    Me: “Oh, OK. Will there be food?”
    Supervisor: “No.”
    Me: “Sorry, I’m not attending then.”

  3. Laura B.: Hm, yeah it would be a good idea to visit your doctor. Even if you’re feeling tip-top.
    I love that Seinfeld episode. I can hear Kramer’s voice saying, “It’s very refreshing!!”

    AlienCG: Really, if there isn’t any food involved, why go at all, right? Not worth my time.

    Eros: I once worked with a lady in another company who was always getting awards, but it was because she spent most of her time whining to the manager about how under appreciated she was.

    Tim: Ha, thanks. It would be a spa vacation I certainly wouldn’t want to win!

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