“That’s a powerful instrument you have there!”

I was going to post this last night, but I was just not feelin’ it. I may have been over tired or just not into the blogging mood. But I’m in a better mood now, so here are some things to talk about:

– Do you remember the post where I think I said that “Paranormal Activity” was good but not the scariest I’ve ever seen? Well it still isn’t the scariest, but little creepy things in the movie did get to me. For instance, the other night while tossing and turning, trying to find a comfy spot on my bed, I had my foot uncovered. I remembered a scene from the movie and quickly drew the foot back in under the covers. Just when I felt safe to sleep with a leg uncovered. I watched a movie a long time ago on TV where some unseen, supernatural force crept through the window and started touching a woman’s uncovered leg. I just got over that, people. But now I can’t have one of my feet exposed to the mysterious realm of darkness.

– Then the other night when I was taking trash out, I glanced over at my bedroom window and got a bit of a startle. Because Ohio is still unsure about what temps we should have, it’s been warm enough for me to keep my fan on in my bedroom window. I also close the blinds because it’s much easier for someone to look through a first story window than a 2nd story balcony. So the blinds were down, the lights were on, but I went dumb for a second when I looked towards my window. I saw a dark shadow move back and forth against the window. Eeek! Oh wait..It was the spooky, oscillating fan. Duh.

– I treated myself to my favorite Chinese/Vietnamese takeout on Sunday. Usually I order for my mom too, because we love that place. But this time I did it all for myself. Is that so selfish? The vegetarian crystal rolls didn’t taste quite as good. Maybe that was punishment for being so greedy. But the pepper steak and rice dish I ordered….Oh my, I loved that dish. They give you so much, so I was able to save some for later. I bought a few bags of shrimp chips too.

– Pre-ordered “Star Trek” this weekend, and it should be coming soon!

– My Ab Circle Pro, however, did come in! I got the notice yesterday morning, picked the order up during lunch, took it home and assembled it while eating. This was all completed within an hour, I felt so accomplished. The equipment was so easy to set up, I was kind of scared at how easy it was. Then I worked out a bit on it after work, before choir.

– Ahh, choir. Folks, I might have to change seats if that’s possible. I don’t want to separate from the girls next to me because I like talking to them between songs and before practice. But the Cackler is gonna make me lose my hearing and my sanity, I swear. I feel I can’t escape from her voice and it’s getting more and more difficult to laugh about it. I suspect my choir director hears her too, but won’t single her out. Last night he told the Soprano section that someone is singing too high and it’s hitting his ears wrong. It’s hitting his ears wrong?? My mom suggested I ask the lady next to me if we could switch seats. Problem is, the woman next to me doesn’t like the sound of the Cackler either, so I’d be putting her ears in harm’s way. It’s not with every song, the Cackler can sound mellow during more mellow songs. It’s just the ones where we have to sing a little louder and a bit higher where she takes the actual note we have to a higher octave.

– I caught the movie “Sister Act” on TV recently. One lady in the choir (played by Kathy Najimy) sings like the Cackler to the point where it startles the other singers. Whoopi Goldberg’s character tells her: “I think it’s probably a good idea if we bring you down out of the rafters. I mean everybody wants to be closer to God I’m just not sure you can do it vocally..”

– Enough about all that stuff. One more week of work and then I’m off for a week! I do have to work this Saturday to help my manager with student orientation, but that’s cool. It’s only a half day anyway. Then when I get back from Thanksgiving vacation, I work two and a half more weeks and I’m vacation again. Woot! Gotta use those vacation days up! But even after those two chunks of time, I still have four days that I can carry over to the next year. Yay! Put em on my tab!


9 thoughts on ““That’s a powerful instrument you have there!”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing Paranormal Activity, although I’m hoping it doesn’t lead to me noticing every little noise or breeze that brushes against me in the night. That would probably freak me out a bit. I’m usually OK with horror movies. I’m hope I’m OK with this one…!

    Star Trek – yay!! I should be getting mine soon!

  2. The movie that really creeped me out for years and years is Jaws. I don’t care what those marine biologists say. If I see shark coming at me, I’m shootin it! And getting the heck out of the water!

    Sister Act was funny–singing nuns. There’s always that one person in the choir who overdoes it with the volume!

  3. I like being covered too. Even when it is really hot, a sheet makes me feel safe :-)

    I LOVE Chinese food. Sometimes I get it just for me, but is is fun to eat in a group!

    Can’t wait to hear more about the AbPro…glad it was so easy to put together.

    It is amusing to hear about the Cackler, but I suspect that if I had to deal with her myself I’d be much less amused….

    My next vacation is going to be between Xmas and New Years. I can’t wait. I hope your time off is great!!!

  4. Silver: That’s actually what makes a good horror movie for me. If I can’t stop thinking about it or if one or two scenes gets me creeped later on, then it was worth the money to watch that movie. :)

    Churlita: This week is crawling by, but thankfully I only have a half day on Friday and a half day on Saturday.

    Tim: When you do see “Paranormal Activiy”, let me know what you thought of it! I hope you really like it. I’m excited to get “Star Trek”. I ordered a copy for one of my nephews too, for Christmas!

    Eros: Oh Jaws, yes. As a kid, I was already afraid of water, and watching that first scene where the girl is yanked under makes me very uncomfortable.

    Laura B: Sometimes it actually amuses me to wonder what all of you would think if you were all in the same choir, seated in my section. I think it would be easier to tolerate!

  5. I saw some scary Dracula movie when I was younger. I went to bed and when I was closing the door of the bedroom I saw an image on the back of the door. I yelled and my sister laughed at me as I was looking at my reflection in the mirror (on the back of the door). I right there with ya :)

  6. I refuse to sleep with my arms or legs not covered by the covers. The darkness is too scary!

    I’m glad the Cackler is giving you joy and strength, what would you do without her??!

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