In Shape (Friday 5 Meme)

Hey everyone, happy Friday the 13th! Here is this week’s meme from

1. What is your favorite shape of pasta?:
– It’s a tie between the tubey-shaped noodles that trap the spaghetti sauce and the shell-shaped pasta. When my mom makes buttered noodles, she uses those shells, and the curves of the noodles collect the melted butter. Yummy! I should make that meal today.

2. Which of the Lucky Charms marshmallows is (or was) your favorite?:
– I liked the green shamrock shapes.

3. Of people you know who are older than forty, who’s in the best shape?
– Keanu Reeves and Kevin Bacon – I don’t personally know them, but I know of them. Does that count?

4. What shape is one of the more interesting scars on your body?
There’s one on my left thumb that has a zig-zag shape.

5. Of a human’s internal organs, which you think has the most interesting shape?
– The cochlea. Looks like a musical instrument from Dr. Seuss’s Whoville.


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