Go for a Long Walk and Clear Your Mind Day

Let’s go for a walk, shall we? Got our MP3 players/Ipods? Wearing some sturdy and comfortable walking shoes? Got water? Then let’s go!

Walking in the woods we find….


…trees surrounding a clear path into the Metroparks/valley, with benches scattered here and there to remind people where they can stop for a short break….


We eventually approach a newly built bridge that has a viewer for looking across the wetlands and fields. There are posts up that are decorated with steel sculptures of dragonflies.

Berries 2

On our way back home we see some trees peppered with bright red berries.


Then down the road we walk over a bridge that covers a babbling brook.


We stop to rest at the nearby water fowl reserve to take in the awe-inspiring view of the sun beaming down on Lake Isaac.


We’re almost home, but the colors don’t seem to want to quit.

I hope you were able to clear your mind during this long walk and take in plenty of fresh air.


12 thoughts on “Go for a Long Walk and Clear Your Mind Day

  1. Wow! I love trees! I just love how different the colours are and the contrast between the different variaties. (I sound like a tree buff!) I adore those butterflies… do you know what they remind me of? We once went on holiday to Lanzarote and the island is heavily ifluenced and filled with work by César Manrique He was a painter, sculptor, architect… it reminds me of some of his work.
    The water looks calm and serene.
    Thanks for taking me with you!

  2. That was a fantastic and lovely walk! I didn’t even break a sweat! I had such a good time–must’ve been the wonderful company on the stroll ; )

    Great fotos! You have a good eye for capturing spectacular shots. These are postcard perfect! Such lovely, vibrant colors, crisp outlines, and beautiful shapes.

  3. Daffy: I love César Manrique’s work! Thank you for sharing that link with me! Our Lake Isaac is usually very calm, and there are lots of white cranes hanging around.

    Seb: Thanks! Those berries do look inviting, but I think I’ll pass on tasting them. Ya never know..

    Silver: I hope you’re feeling better now! I’m glad you didn’t walk in the rain while you were sick.

    Laura B: Not a problem! It was fun! And we didn’t even need a map or compass! :D

    Eros: Yes, having good company like my blogger friends makes the walk even better! :) And thank you for the comments on the photos!

    NoRegrets: Thank ya!

    Churlita: I usually assume that a berry in the woods is off limits. But I do remember eating the berries in our backyard, and they were very sour.

    FW: Yes, it really is! Thank you!

    IDV: No problem, IDV! Thank you!

  4. Ksra: I loved that walk! We need to do that again, doesn’t matter the season. I should plan a little picnic down there too, by Coe Lake. Or at least buying lunches and taking them down to that gazebo.

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