What’s Your Stereotype?

You Are a Geek

You love to learn, especially when it’s about technology. No subject is too obscure for you.


You enjoy tinkering with things to see how they work. You aren’t a traditional learner either… you need to hack around to figure things out.

You may have the brains to be a super rich Silicon Valley geek, but you’re truly content to have your own favorite projects, subjects, and toys.

For you, being a geek is not about the glory. It’s about a love of digging deep and truly understanding the world.


5 thoughts on “What’s Your Stereotype?

  1. Ha! I’m a hippie, too!

    You Are a Hippie
    You may not have long hair or a closet full of tie-dye, but you definitely dance to the beat of your own drum. (And you may even play the drum as well.)
    You are a true free spirit. You don’t let yourself be weighed down by rules and expectations.

    You are creative, philosophical, and caring. You want everyone to have a better life.
    For you, the worst thing in the world is being stuck in some rat race. You rather be broke than have to wear a suit every day.

    *Starts looking for tie dye shirt and bell bottom pants*

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