Other Incidents at the Cineplex

– Someone was looking for their friend during another movie we went to see. They finally walked up to the front of the theater, threw up their arms and shouted, “Where the hell are you??”

– Then there was another time where I was the mystery person. A group of us got to the movies late, so it was already dark in the theater. Very dark and very crowded. I accidentally sat down on a guy’s lap. I don’t know how this happened, I guess I didn’t look down to see if anyone was sitting in the seat I chose. I just remember vividly that I sat down on a lap. I glanced behind me and saw a very perturbed man staring at me. I had one of those double takes, and quickly stood up and scrambled off to find a vacant seat.

– When “Basic Instinct” was in theaters, I wanted to see it. I was naive, I thought it was just your everyday murder mystery/thriller. I didn’t know about the Sharon Stone chair scene, didn’t know about anything. Just thought it would be a nice wholesome Disney-style murder mystery. My parents were thinking the same thing, so the three of us went to the movies. My poor dad was assigned to get the popcorn and pop, and we looked for some seats. The movie started and the theater lights dimmed down to pitch black. Not having a clue as to where his family was sitting, my dad was doomed to wander the aisles with his arms full, trying to find us. He did not resort to standing in front of the theater to inquire our whereabouts. Instead, he started telling strangers that he was looking for us. We heard him shout, “I’m looking for two women!” My mom hissed something like, “Oh gawd” or “Oh jeez…” and then, “Go tell your father where we are.” I turned around and tried to get my dad’s attention, but he couldn’t see me. He just kept looking down row after row. I finally crouched down and scurried up to him, extremely embarrassed, I felt like we had become the entertainment. He finally saw me and joined us. We were then able to watch intently as the quaint little murder mystery became something a bit different. Still a murder mystery. Just…well definitely not quaint.

6 thoughts on “Other Incidents at the Cineplex

  1. Ha! These are hilarious! I’ve been that person who went looking for the group! Except after spending a minute looking for them, I just grabbed a seat near the front–I like being close to the screen; it’s near the exit sand there are always more open seats in the front than the back.

    Oh, that must’ve been quite an experience watching the Sharon Stone interrogation scene with the folks! Kind of makes sitting on a stranger a much better deal!

  2. You have so many interesting experiences at the movies. I usually just get the people who think it’s appropriate to take their two year old to see something like Rob Zombie’s Halloween and then don’t take him out of the theater when he starts screaming.

  3. haha! Movies give us so many ways to have fun. I have to laugh at the thought of you and your parents sitting there during Basic Instinct…. there are actually a few scenes, if I recall correctly, that could be awkward to sit through with….anyone, really. :-)

  4. Eros: Yeah, it was a bit awkward! :D

    Churlita: I’ve had that experience too. Someone brought their little girl with them when “The Exorcist” was released again. Nothing says a kid’s movie like “The Exorcist”. Sheesh. She did remove her when she screamed during a particularly creepy scene. I do not know what they’re thinking.

    Laura B: Oh I know! I told my youngest brother about the experience awhile ago and he had a good laugh over it. I had a crush on Michael Douglas since I saw him in the “Romancing the Stone” movies, but “Basic Instinct” shocked me out of it. Then “The American President” brought it all back.

    NoRegrets: Lol. That would be funny.

  5. Haha! I like that idea in the first story.

    One of my friends has a story that he went to a movie, and at some point he started feeling something furry touching and brushing his leg. He was perturbed and disturbed! he looked around and finally saw a ferret. The guy in the row behind him had brought his pet ferret and had him on a leash. How random.

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