Happy (Belated) Halloween!

So yeah, Saturday was Halloween! It’s generally my favorite holiday, but it has been hard to celebrate because I can’t hand out candy at my apartment (not just me, but the whole apartment complex) and there just isn’t much Halloween spirit at my office. I always feel self conscious when I dress up in costume at work. My biggest fear is that I’ll be the only one dressed up. Kind of silly, I mean what’s the very worst that could happen? A bit of embarrassment or maybe I get sent home to change? Oh the horror. But thankfully there were others who were in costume. Not many, because a memo was never sent around, it was all word-of-mouth stuff. Here are some photos:

Mother Nature

This was my main costume. I was Mother Nature. I planned on finding a Star Trek costume, but the costume designers think every woman is skinny and weighs 2lbs and wants to expose their breasts 24/7. Anyway, all venting aside, I put on my costume, made a vine garland to put on my head and also stenciled vines on my arms. Someone thought I was Maid Marian, someone else thought I was the Norse God of Friday?, and others thought I was a forest nymph. But when I said I was Mother Nature, a few older guys got it and said, “Ohhh, you should never mess with Mother Nature!” and one guy asked, “Could you do something about this weather?” I flicked my hands toward the window and pretended that I had some power. A few minutes later, the sun came out. Go figure! Muah ha ha.


I love the cowboy hat I bought in Canada awhile back. I will never give it up.

Floating Ghost

A few times when thinking of a costume during the years, I’ve thought of just being a traditional ghost. Nothing that involved makeup, just a sheet with eye and mouth holes cut out. Well if I hadn’t spent money on the Mother Nature costume, I would’ve been a ghost. I played around with the idea anyway, so here is a photo. I edited the photo so that you couldn’t see my legs.

Floating Cowgirl Ghost

Then I put my cowboy hat on, and was a cowgirl ghost. Or maybe….ghost rider?


Finally, this is a shot of one of my coworkers all dressed up. She embraces the fun of the holiday too.

What did you do on Halloween? My mom and I went to see the movie “Paranormal Activity”. People kept raving about this movie, saying it was the scariest movie ever. I disagree, but I’m not bashing the film entirely. We went to see it during the daytime, and I think that sucked some of the spookiness out of the experience. I think it would’ve been different if we had seen it at night. I went to see “The Boogeyman” at night, and I was creeped out when I got back to my car. Then I saw it in the daytime and it was lame. “Paranormal Activity” was not terrible. The actors were great and so was some of the suspense. But they could’ve creeped us out a whole lot more with different shots. No special effects, but like my mom suggested, just more play on the shadows and the mirrors. Plus, I shouldn’t have watched trailers on YouTube. It took some of the suspense away.

Since then I’ve been watching horror movies on TV and also from my collection. I still get nervous watching the classics like “The Uninvited” and “The Legend of Hell House” (not to be confused with “House on Haunted Hill”). The classics are always creepier.

Earlier tonight I was watching the original series of “V” on SciFi. I loved that series so much when I was younger, that I dressed up as the villain named Diana. Red suit and hat, black (spray painted) boots and my brother’s sunglasses. Nobody, aside from my parents, knew who I was, but I was fine with it. I do remember going to a Halloween party and realized that the paint from my black boots bled onto my friend’s carpet. I told her father, and the mess was cleaned up quickly. Taking over the world one carpet stain at a time, I guess. Muah ha ha ha.


8 thoughts on “Happy (Belated) Halloween!

  1. Awesome Mother Nature costume! I also liked the ghost rider one :) I luv working with people who enjoy the same Halloween spirit! Thank goodness I didn’t have to work Halloween this year. For a costume party on Halloween, I decided to go as my blogger namesake, Eros, the primordial god, the one who’s older than the Greek gods! Not the baby Cupid as I didn’t have any bow and arrows, and people kept asking me if I was angel because I had gold wings. It’s fun to be able to dress up for Halloween! And we had a whole extra hour to party the night away!

    I remember Diana from V the final battle! Rat eaters! I wonder if they’ll do that in the new series! That was a cool costume idea!

  2. Love your costume – so clever! I seldom have good costume ideas and when I do I don’t have the confidence to wear them so I admire people who wear costumes to work – takes some moxie.

    I’ve been intrigued by Paranormal Activity because I love scary ghosty thriller movies but I can’t stand blood, guts and gore – so I think I might add it to my Netflix queue.

  3. You look so cute as Mother Nature! What a great costume. If you are ever a ghost, please use those exact sheets. They are perfect.

    My daughter saw Paranormal Activity (in the evening) and she thought it was one of the scariest movies she’d ever seen. Not that she’s seen that many, come to think of it.

    I’m glad you had fun dressing up, Tara. I did too and we should just do it and not worry about what everyone else is doing, right? Right.

  4. I hope you didn’t strike anybody with lightning. I mean, as mother nature, you can do pretty much anything! Great costume.

    Series V, I want to check that out, haven’t seen the original, the new series remake is supposed to be quite good. Right now I’m working my way through Arrested Development, and the next series I have netflixed is The Shield. Supposed to be a pretty good cop series, so I’m looking forward to that one.

  5. Cute costume! Your rant about Halloween costumes and the sizes they seem to come in now for women made me laugh because we went through the same thing trying to find a costume for Jess. Apparently, only skinny chicks who want to expose everything can get a cute costume now. :-/

    I am not sure I will be able to handle Paranormal Activity. The supernatural scares me shitless since I have encountered it many a times in my folks’ home.

  6. Churlita: Thank you! :) Dressing up as Mother Nature made me feel very powerful, especially when that sun came out a few minutes later!

    Eros: I didn’t have to work Halloween either, actually. I dressed up on Friday, but more people used to be so willing to dress up when I first started working there.

    That was a great idea to go as Eros! I was so tempted to buy wings for my costume.

    Abroad: I admit, Paranormal Activity had its scary moments, so I’m sure I’ll be buying it when it comes to DVD. Then I can watch it at night with the lights off.

    Suze: Thanks! I really do think I should go as a ghost next time.

    Laura B: Thank you! Yes next Halloween I will dress as a ghost with my flowery sheets.

    I’m glad you enjoyed dressing up too! Imagine if we were working at the same place? That would be fun.

    Seb: No, strangely people kept on my good side that day! Hm..very strange. ;)

    Manuel: Thanks! Yeah, it’s really annoying when I see costumes that limit their sizes. You guys looked great in your Mario and Princess costumes!

    Have you blogged about the encounters you’ve had at your parent’s home? What happened?

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