November 2009!!

Well Folks, it’s here. The November 2009 Eclectic Calendar list, that is. I am a few days early, yay! Thank you again for all of the holiday ideas! They’re all in there. Celebrate the ones that appeal to you. Enjoy!


1. Fall Back on a Bed of Pillows Today (Daylight Savings Time Ends – Fall Back One Hour)

2. Jess and Manuel’s 7th Wedding Anniversary!

3. Dance Day

4. Plan Your Thanksgiving Meal and Guest List Day

5. Go for a Long Walk and Clear Your Mind Day

6. Blog About Your Favorite Holiday Day

7. National Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day

8. Dunce Day

9. Chaos Never Dies Day

10. Someone’s Birthday/MapQuest Directions on How to Get to “Sesame Street” Today (“Sesame Street” Premieres, 1969)

11. Veterans Day

12. DR’s Birthday!

13. Watch a Movie Directed by Gary Marshall Today (Gary Marshall’s Birthday – 1934)

14. Clothes Swap Day (Swap your clothes with someone or get rid of old clothing and donate it today.)

15. National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

16. Sing “Oklahoma!” at the Top of Your Lungs Day (Oklahoma becomes the 46th US State, admitted to the Union on November 16, 1907)

17. Jump in a Pile of Leaves Day (Be Careful)

18. Save Your Money for Christmas Today

19. Spice Up Your House Decor Day (Discuss home-improvement/beautifying projects)

20.Take and Post a Picture of Your Favorite Spot in Your House Day

21. World Hello Day and False Confessions Day

22. Deer Appreciation Day

23. Wave Your “Freak Flag” Today

24. One Month Till Christmas Eve Day!

25. Go Climb a Rock Day/Watch a Bad Movie Day

26. Show some Love for the Turkey Day

27. Turkey Leftovers Day

28. Free Some Space on Your Computer Day

29. Square Dance Day

30. Stay At Home Because You’re Well Day

Red-Orange Leaves - Lake-to-Lake

Here are more Fall leaves for ya – Still clinging on to those branches!


5 thoughts on “November 2009!!

  1. Can’t imagine what the 10th is all about…

    Ooo, the 25th – SYNERGY! Captain Kirk wears a ‘go climb a rock’ t-shirt in Star Trek V, which is coincidentally regarded as a bad movie! Hurrah!

  2. Eros: I love that extra hour of sleep. I can always use it!

    Churlita: That was on a list of other holidays I found online, and had to list it!

    Tim: Oo, that’s really cool and freaky! Holidays are merging together!

    Laura B: Thank you! And thank you for your ideas, they’ll be fun to celebrate!

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