Any Ideas for November?

Hey everyone! November is coming up soon, so any ideas for the eclectic calendar will be, as always, greatly, tremendously appreciated!

Here are a few photos I took this past weekend while going for a walk:

Colorful Path - Big Creek Parkway

Red-Orange Tree - Big Creek



10 thoughts on “Any Ideas for November?

  1. Gorgeous photos! How about November 19th (my closing date) can be spice up your house decor day? People can document projects or talk about new furniture or whatever they’re doing to make their living spaces nicer.

  2. Oh my god! How amazing!
    Nov 27 – turkey leftovers day.
    Nov 25 – go climb a rock day (I go to Joshua tree for thanksgiving)
    Nov 14 – clothes swap day (I’m having a clothes swap) Or get rid of old clothing and donate it day.

  3. Tara, what beautiful photos! I love them.

    Nov 12 is DR’s birthday :-)

    Lets see…. How about:

    Blog about your favorite holiday day.
    Show some love for the turkey day
    Take and post a picture of your favorite spot in your house day.

  4. Oh, deer!

    Heh heh.

    Lovely photos, Tara – the leaves over here are changing too, very quickly it seems! It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that they were green – it’s like someone flicked a switch!

    I’m going to something called the Bad Film Club on, I think, the 25th, so how about ‘watch a bad movie day’?

  5. Churlita: Oo exciting! Yes, we’ll have to post a holiday for the 19th. I like the project and decorating idea!

    NoRegrets: Excellent. Thank you for the ideas!

    Laura B: Thank you, it was a perfect day to take my camera with me for a walk. Thank you for the holiday ideas! You know we’ll be celebrating DR’s birthday!

    Suze: I do, I wish it lasted much longer than it usually does. I don’t miss raking the leaves, but I miss jumping into them.

    Tim: Thank you! You’re right, they do change so fast! Then before we know it, the leaves will be gone and ice will take their place. (shiver)

    I like your idea of “Watch a Bad Movie Day”! Also, your birthday’s in November! Can’t miss that either.

    Manuel: Aw, we have to list that one!

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