“Let’s [Stumble] Out to the Lobby…”

Right, so now that I’ve depressed my readers with a sad story about a cat and a plaque, I thought I’d brighten things up. I typed out the following memory two months ago when I had to visit the library to check my email. Then when I reread it, I got the giggles all over again and saved my progress. Anyway here it is:

My mom and I have seen many movies together. We generally like the same stuff and laugh at the same things. When we lived in Lakewood, we’d go to the Detroit Theater. We’d usually have some kind of experience while going to the movies, but one experience sticks out to this day.

We’d buy a drink and some popcorn, and then whatever was left of the popcorn would be saved and brought home for my dad (he was usually doing his own thing – shopping at his favorite hardware store or indulging in rare solitude). So we had just bought our pop and bucket o’popcorn and sat down to enjoy the movie. I can’t remember which movie it was…may have been “Robocop” at the time.

Anyway, we were sitting there, enjoying the movie, when out of nowhere it seemed, some tall, lanky guy with a beard (looked like the guy from “Knocked Up”) came swiftly trampling through our aisle. He meant to step over us, but instead slipped and stepped into our bucket of leftover popcorn. I’m sure he meant to then step out of that bucket, but that didn’t happen. Instead, the stranger tripped over our legs and into the next aisle, looking back at us in contempt as if we had intentionally caused his embarrassment. Then he left in a silent huff. I think my mom said something like, “What in the world??”

Without any snickering or laughter of any sort, I glanced at my mom who then calmly looked ahead and said, “Well, I guess we won’t be taking any popcorn home for your dad.” It’s no wonder I can’t remember the movie, because the rest of the time was spent snickering and snorting at the clumsy stranger who had entered our lives so briefly.


10 thoughts on ““Let’s [Stumble] Out to the Lobby…”

  1. You did it on purpose, admit it. You put the bucket on the floor in hopes that a tall, lanky, bearded guy would come by and step in it and embarrass himself. Great story, too bad you couldn’t take a picture.

  2. AlienCG: Nobody would suspect a mother/daughter tripping team, would they? We definitely looked innocent. All according to plan.

    Churlita: Yeah, like we were just waiting for the moment when he’d come through so we could synchronize our attack. Hehe.

    Laura B.: It is definitely awkward to sidle past someone at the movies! I accidentally sat on a guy’s lap once while trying to get past a group of people.

    NoRegrets: Lol. That’s evil, but that could’ve been funny. I wouldn’t have been able to keep from giggling, though.

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