Are You Spooky or Kooky?

You Are Spooky

You put the trick in “trick or treat,” and you won’t stop scaring people until you scare yourself.

You love horror movies, dark spooky nights, and the darker side of Halloween. You save the kids’ stuff for the kids.

Speaking of kids, you avoid the little candy grubbing monsters at all costs. Well, unless you are looking to give them a little scare.

You think Halloween has gotten a bit to sugary these days, and you don’t mind injecting a little fright into things.

Okay some of this is true. I do like horror movies and dark spooky nights (especially when I’m safe at home), but I do miss being able to hand candy out to kids.

4 thoughts on “Are You Spooky or Kooky?

  1. Churlita: I know, aren’t there a few in between? There should be.

    AlienCG: They put up a fresh sign in our mailroom the other day saying that we’re not allowed to hand out candy on Halloween. I can see them doing that for safety sake, though.

  2. You Are Kooky
    You are all about sweet treats on Halloween. You don’t mind if people get a little scared, but no one should get PTSD from a haunted house!
    You believe that Halloween should be about fun not fight. You love to dress up in an amazing costume and go out to show it off.

    You’ve even been known to take in a scary movie or haunted house, but only if it’s well done and not too freaky. You’ll pass on anything too gruesome.
    Your favorite thing about Halloween is watching the tiniest kids have fun. Looking at them makes you feel a little bit younger too!

    Aw! This seems right…I guess I am Kooky!

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