“We’ve covered quite a lot in this lesson!”

I’m dragging my blogging feet this week so far. Didn’t get much sleep the night before, then yesterday while doing a stupid, tedious assessment test for work, I got a tension headache that didn’t go away until the end of the day. I went to bed at a decent hour, but was wide awake for a good chunk of time. Now I feel like I didn’t sleep at all.

I was mixed up with that test at first. I did what I thought was the whole thing last week, but got three wrong and they didn’t pass me. The nerve. Two questions I got wrong I could kick myself on, but I just wasn’t thinking right that day. So they let me take it again and I took it on Monday. I got a 90% which was a good passing grade. I thought I was all done with the test, but then I received an email yesterday saying that my test was past due. Turns out there were three other sections I had to get through! Argh! My manager got the same email about me (they forward it to my manager, isn’t that nice of them?), and he told me to get it done as soon as possible. By the time he told me, I was into the last segment anyway.

Each section took the test taker through a lesson of up to 68 pages. Some were less, but I was so afraid of missing some piece of info, and I didn’t want to flunk again. I realize that after a certain number of years working there that I should know this stuff automatically. But I’m better at actually working on the stuff, knowing what to do rather than reading through it all again and taking a test on it. I resent the fact that I have to show people who don’t know me how much I really do know. Most of the answers were very obvious to me, but then they’d come out with a few that took me by surprise, or they’d ask me the policy number to something. Anyway, every single dang section of that test was completed and I have certificates of successful completion to show for it all. I should hang those suckers up on the wall.

Anyway, enough about that crud. How did the weekend pan out for everybody? I looked to see who was hosting SNL this past Saturday, and it was one of my celebrity crushes, Gerard Butler. I did not watch the show, though, but figured maybe I could use my new DVR powers and record it. I’m glad I did, because I watched it the next day and actually liked it. I don’t like it when the hosts break into song in their montage, so I was prepared to fast forward through his little number. But they added some funny things to it, so I kept cool. The rest of the show was pretty funny, and they also inserted some outtakes from their dress rehearsals.

Went to see “Where the Wild Things Are” on Sunday afternoon with my mom. It was kind of cute, pretty intense and dramatic at times, and also sad. There were some good messages within the movie, and I got a little very weepy during some scenes. The movie’s pace slowed down a little too much in the middle, though. My mom fell asleep, and I would’ve nudged her awake if she was about to miss something, but the movie didn’t move fast enough to miss that much. I did explain one little detail to her, though. Anyway, I still liked the movie. If it made me emotional, it obviously got to me.

Later in the afternoon I watched some TV while getting ready to do laundry. The Discovery Channel aired a show called “I was Bitten”. It’s a program that shows victims of various animal and insect bites, and shows the effects of bites. One guy was bitten on the hand by a snake called the Diamondback. I’ll leave out the gory details and just say that he suffered and almost died. He did survive, though, and although his hand is distorted (the bones grew back weird), he is back to being healthy. I could handle watching the details of his story. I was doing laundry while watching this show, so when the commercials started, I went to get my laundry from the dryers. When I came back, I must’ve missed a bit, because the next story was even more disgusting than the snake bite. This one involved insects and that is all I’m gonna say about it, because I still have the image in my head. If I’m that affected by something like that, the smart thing would be to stay away from those types of shows. But I’m curious and part of me thinks that if anything like that happens to me, I’ll know what to do. It’s fascinating stuff, too.

To thank you for reading this whole thing, here is a cheerful image of a huge tree that’s bursting with Autumn color. Bursting.



12 thoughts on ““We’ve covered quite a lot in this lesson!”

  1. The toughest part about tests like that is you know what you’re doing and most of it is reflex. It’s like trying to write a procedure on tying your shoes from memory and then having somebody follow it to verify it. Glad you got the “satisfactory completion” status.

    I don’t know much about that movie and it doesn’t look like anything that would interest me. The Discovery Channel, on the other hand, is interesting to me. I don’t get into the bug bite stories too much. I’m not a fan of bugs. You have to be careful with that station, though, because premiers and new prime time episodes tend to have fewer commercials and a couple more breaks.

  2. Lucky for me I never have to be tested to be certified for my job. I’m not sure I’d hold up to scrutiny :-) Glad you got through yours.

    I have heard many different things about Where the Wild Things Are. It sounds, if nothing else, like it was visually interesting and pretty complex.

    I tend to enjoy those, like, medical marvel shows and things. Sounds like I Was Bitten would be right up my alley. Still it was nice of you to finish with a pretty tree to imagine rather than skin crawling with larvae or something…..

  3. Glad you got through the testing.. I don’t like being tested on stuf I already know.. As for your picture.. very pretty and certainly uplifting after reading about snake bites and so on..

  4. I saw Where the Wild Things are as well! Really well-made but I didn’t connect or really like any of the characters. They were all kind of mean and selfish.

    Sucks about the assessment test. They have to make those things as annoying as possible I imagine.

    That show, I was Bitten sounds awful (yet very awesome). We have diamondbacks here in Phoenix. Get some from time to time in our yard. What’s good is we also have king snakes, they don’t hurt humans, and they eat diamondbacks and scorpions.

  5. I’ve been in that position before, where I thought I was done with the test, only to find out later that I wasn’t! Had to do a retake. It does feel good when it’s all over.

    Thanks for the review of the Where the Wild Things Are, because I’m curious. I actually luv the book–which is really just a bunch of fantastic pictures and not that many sentences. I thought it was amazing the way the art told the story. I was wondering how they made a whole movie out of it.

    I like watching those bug shows and survival stories because they are morbidly fascinating, and they do give great ideas of how to survive those terrors if they happen to you!

  6. You should absolutely hang your certifications up. You worked hard for that!

    Missing a test is the stuff that my nightmares are made of. I’ve been taking online classes and I have had several dreams where I wake up and realize that I’ve missed the final or forgotten some important thing mainly involving thinking how easy it all was at first and then the bomb drops about the final, etc.. You seem to have handled the whole thing like a champ and I think the instructions must not have been very clear if you missed that much of it.

    I’ve seen some great reviews for WTWTA – but most are advising not to expect it to be much like the book in storyline. I really want to see it but have decided that I can wait until it comes out on DVD.

  7. AlienCG: Thanks yeah I’m glad I could get through that with passing marks. And you’re right, most of it is reflex!

    Your feelings about bugs would not change if you watched “I Was Bitten” or Animal Planet’s show called “Monsters Inside Me”. Blergh.

    Churlita: I loved seeing the trailer for the first time. Within a few seconds you could tell what the movie was going to be about.

    Laura B: The images were definitely interesting and different! I think they shot the fantasy part of the movie in New Zealand. The characters they used were from Jim Henson’s puppet workshop, and I could see that in their faces.

    Babybull: Thank you! My coworker told me to skip right through the tutorial and go for the test, but I’m glad I didn’t rush it.

    Tim: I hope you love the movie! That’s horrible of them to keep you waiting for two more months though. Torture, right?

    Seb: Yay for the king snakes! I think you should draw one with a crown on its head. I’ve heard there are black widow spiders in Arizona too. Don’t want to mess with those things either.

    Eros: Yes, I felt relieved when I was completely done with that test.

    Morbidly fascinating is a good way to refer to those bug and survival shows. The Animal Planet has a series called “Monsters Inside Me”. That one is also fascinating, but I stay away from eating anything when I’m watching it.

    Abroad: Hm, maybe I will hang them up! Thanks Abroad! :)

    I think I dreamed about missing a test once while I was in college. I think I dreamed more of failing those tests.

    There was one review about WTWTA that mentioned the fact that the book takes five minutes to read, so the movie had to stretch that 5 minute book out to an hour and a half. So I guess naturally they’d have to add some stuff in there that wasn’t in the original story.

  8. I hate all tests and especially the kind you mention, glad you got through it in the end. The try to trick you, seems ridiculous when you obviously know how to do stuff otherwise you wouldn’t function in your job. I’m very glad we don’t have venomous snakes here, I wouldn’t really choose to watch the kind of show you mention but can understand the morbid fascination thing.

  9. A few weeks ago I had to get tested for my med recertification and my driving recertification through work, that wasn’t fun. I thought I failed my med test but I did okay. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be though. Not looking forward to doing it again next year.

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