All Signs Point to New Shoes

I bought some new shoes yesterday! It was long overdue. I tend to wear comfortable shoes until the bottoms have dropped out and I have to resort to coloring in scruff marks with black marker. Classy, right? My mom reminded me lately that I needed to replace them. I made her proud yesterday.

Right after work, I felt compelled to explore the shoe store in the next town. Their chain is always having sales. Beforehand, though, I checked out their website for black boots. I was looking for the tall ones that go up to just below the knee. I found what I was looking for online and the style was called “Tara”. Yes, that’s right. So I printed out the photo and took it with me to the store. I asked the sales lady if she had that style and she did.

She also told me that it was the last day for their “buy one pair, get another pair for half the price” sale! I chose the right day to drop by, I guess! I bought the boots and a new pair of pumps, and then I was done for that little shopping trip.

It always takes a day or two for me to break in new shoes. I wore the black pumps today, and they hurt just a bit. I also noticed that with these new shoes, I sound like a horse clippity clopping down the hallway at work. I was on the way back to my office from picking up some copies when I realized this, and it made me stop and giggle. One of our instructors once told a former coworker of mine that she sounds like a Clydesdale walking down the hall. I doubt I sound like a Clydesdale, but definitely a regularly-sized horse with a new horseshoe.

Here are the boots I bought:

New Black Boots

On a very side note, completely unrelated to this post, a coworker casually called me Green Bean because I was dressed in mostly green the other day. Then yesterday I was dressed in mostly brown. She wondered what she could call me, and I suggested Coffee Bean. So today I was dressed mostly in black and she thought “licorice”, but since I figured we were going on the veggie theme, I suggested “black bean” or “black eyed pea”. I could’ve gone all Fergie-like, and danced my way out of the office to the tune of “Hey Mama” or “My Humps” (I still need to buy their newest CD).


11 thoughts on “All Signs Point to New Shoes

  1. The boots look fantastic! You got a great deal!

    That’s funny about the bean themed work clothes week! That would’ve been funny if you busted out a Fergie move! That’s like one of those Scrubs fantasy dance moments!

    I like to wear mostly blues and greens at work–helps me stay calm when things get crazy.

  2. This is the second post recently that has mentioned the second Fergie. For some reason, I take a dim view of celebrities who recycle the names of older celebrities while these older celebrities are still alive and well.

    What next, a new Cher and a new Prince?

    • Ha! Dmarks, Cher gets new parts as time goes on! She’s had more upgrades than the Windows Operating System. Although, her upgrades work better :) And aren’t Michael Jackson’s two sons named Prince?

  3. Nice boots! I try to avoid those narrow heels… stodgy old woman.
    Go for cream next week and be vanilla bean. Wear a tall thin hat and be string bean.
    Not sure your office would want you to be bean-o though.

  4. Loving the “bean” themed names…that is really cute.

    Hottie hot hot! I love those boots! I avoid heels, mostly, but am a little sad that I can’t be sexy like that.
    I sooooo need new shoes. Maybe this weekend. They will be comfy ones though. :-(

  5. Eros: Thank ya! I’ve busted out Fergie moves before, but that was at a restaurant that had a dance floor. I also busted out some Shakira moves.

    I will need to wear one of my turquoise blouses to work, that will help soothe stress!

    Dmarks: Very good point!

    NoRegrets: I actually wore a cream-colored coat later in the week and she called me Vanilla Bean. Today I’m Kidney Bean because I have a bit of red on.

    Churlita: Thank you! I’ll have to be careful with these, the last pair of tall boots I bought gave me leg cramps. They weren’t very flexible.

    Laura B.: Thanks! :) My feet were giving me some problems in those the other day, so I bought some of those Dr. Scholls comfort thingies to go inside them.

    Seb: I like the nickname, but the actual beverage is my fav.

    FW: It might, but that’s okay! Thank you, I like those boots.

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