Welcome to Ohio, Lightening Bear!

Hey guess what? I got a special delivery the other day from a Mr. Sebastien! I had ordered one of his Lightening Bear T-shirts and I was able to pick it up at the post office today! It’s as cheerful and electrifying as I imagined it would be, so here is a photo of it.

Lightening Bear is Here!

Lightening Bear is Here!

So, welcome to Ohio, Mr. Lightening Bear! Thank you, Sebastien!!


11 thoughts on “Welcome to Ohio, Lightening Bear!

  1. Eros: I had to laugh at the cat, she was confused as to why I was posing in the living room.

    NoRegrets: Well this photo doesn’t give the shirt justice. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get the whole image, so I had to stand back a bit.

    NoRegrets: It’s a keeper!

  2. OMG!!! That is such a wonderful picture, I am so happy lightning bear found such a great home :)

    And your cat is in the picture, Skittles seems to approve of the shirt, and I am relieved to know that, hehe

    Thanks Tara!!!

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