Tedious Gloria

– I woke up early this morning all tangled up in my robe. I had it on my bed instead of dragging out my second quilt, and that was apparently a teensy mistake. I groggily woke up, untangled myself and then went back to sleep for a little while longer.

– Choir tonight was a little tiring and tedious. We’re singing from a book with lots of Latin songs in it. As in “Gloria, in excelsis deo” Latin. But that’s not even the hard part, it’s that our director makes us go over one section over and over again. I know he’s teaching us to sing it right, but sometimes – at the end of a Monday with the Cackler behind me laughing at lint, that hour and a half of practice seems like four hours.

– Today before practice started, I greeted the Cackler and then sat down to kind of unwind and look through our music. I suddenly heard the Cackler say: “Wow! *cackle*”

Me: What?
Cackler: For a second, I thought my aunt was sitting next to me!
Me: Oh really? Huh.
Cackler: The trouble is, she’s in Florida!
Me: So that would be a very long trip for one choir practice!
Cackler: Uh yeah! *cackle*

I told her that I thought I saw my brother in a parking lot once, but that it couldn’t have been him because he lives in Arizona. It would be an odd way of surprising us.

Eventually the other women in the choir joined us and the mistaken identity conversation was pretty much over.

So um, that’s about it for now. How was your weekend and Monday?


9 thoughts on “Tedious Gloria

  1. Sometimes, it’s nice to take a break from all the repetition. Going over something over and over again is frustrating and can be counterproductive. Sometimes, you just need to step away and do something else.

    I fell asleep on the chair and woke up with a crooked neck and a knot in my left shoulder.

  2. Singing in Latin! I have to say that i do enjoy the sound of it. Seriously. Maybe it’s due to my Catholic upbringing :)

    I had a pretty good weekend, busy, working on drawings! so that’s a good thing. Spent some time with friends as well, which is always a treat.

  3. Eros: It does seem counterproductive sometimes. We’ll be practicing in sections next week, which might be very helpful.

    Ouch, I’ve had those shoulder and neck knots before! Hope you get some proper sleep!

    Churlita: I just remember our high school teacher telling us how to pronounce “in excelsis” as “een egg shell cease”, and from then on it seemed easy. I’ve heard Italian arias are pretty challenging, so I guess it depends on what your daughter prefers. It’s so cool that she wants to be a voice major! I don’t even know that was an option when I was in school.

    NoRegrets: Exactly! I can’t trust that thing. It looks like your weekend was busy and amusing!

    Suze: The Cackler, I’ll admit, makes things a bit more interesting.

  4. Sebastien! You snuck past me with the comments!

    Latin can be pretty when everything comes together, so I hope we make it sound pretty in December! :)

    I’m very glad you had the opportunity to work on more drawings! That’ll not only make everyone’s weekend, that’ll make for a fun week ahead! No pressure, though. Hehe.

  5. Tedious Gloria…is that the Cackler’s real name, by any chance? That would just be too perfect :-)

    I am trying to remember if I have ever hallucinated anyone. Not that I can recall, but it was nice that you guys had that to bond over.

    I think my week is looking up, so yay!

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