Saturday Scavenger Shots: Time

Hey people! Happy Saturday!

It was my turn to pick the new word for this week, so I chose the word “time”.

Kitchen Clock

Here is a photo of my new wall clock. It’s been awhile since I owned one of these, so I picked one out at the store last weekend. I like it, the thing requires only one battery and it doesn’t play games with those fancy Roman numerals. Course when the battery starts to run low, the time won’t be as accurate, but I’ll tackle that problem when it happens. Until then, it gives me the correct time.


This is a timeless sculpture that three of us built last night at the party my friend had for her daughters. This was built from mini lip gloss, a plastic tub of Play Doh and two fighter jets. Ksra, her nephew D and I created it, and Ksra donated the bunny ears. You must invest a bit of time to something like this, in order to get the right balance so that the tower doesn’t tip over.

Now…someone to choose…Hm…How about AlienCG? Are you in, AlienCG?


8 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Time

  1. I like that clock, very stylish looking. I have a wall clock with Roman Numerals, but I often wonder why they use IIII for four. I like that sculpture, very creative. By the way, I choose KEEP for next week.

  2. I like that clock…simple elegance. I second eroswings suggestion…if that sculpture has no name, it has to be Time Flies :-)

    Thanks for the great word and the quick pass off to Alien. Nicely done!

  3. I am a big fan of clocks. I only have my cellphone clock and my little bed alarm clock, but one of these days I’d love to get a very fancy upscale wall clock. Some sort of antique with carving…

    Cool clock by the way, although it reminds me of school, hehe…

    And it looks like you had fun last night!!! yay!

  4. AlienCG: Yeah that’s weird that they didn’t put IV!

    Eros: Great name for that sculpture! I did have a great time at the party! It was fun to dress up.

    Laura: Thank you! Okay, 2nd vote for Time Flies! :D

    Seb: Thanks! Yeah it does kind of remind me of school, but the school ones were usually metal rimmed. And I did have a fun night, thank you!

    Churlita: They do, don’t they? It was the finishing touch.

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