It’s Just You.

– I went to choir tonight and things are already coming together and sounding good. There are still some things to iron out, but that’s why we have our choir director….and the Cackler. I will admit that sometimes she will bring some much needed attention to a section of a song we need to work on. But sometimes her knit-picking wears out the nerves. She piped up tonight about one section, “Is it just me, or is the Soprano section [blah blah blah] (This means I can’t remember exactly what she said, but I know it was some kind of critique)? I silently said, “It’s just you.” But someone sitting next to the Cackler joked out loud, “It’s just you.” But really, it wasn’t just her, we were all having difficulties, and we all eventually told her it wasn’t just her. But a brief bit of sadistic pleasure felt good. In a church. Dang. I’m going to hell, aren’t I? Oh well. But yes things are coming together.

– There’s a video on YouTube I have added to my Favorite section. I found it when I was laughing over the German-speaking meteorologist I showed you recently, where she couldn’t control her laughing. Well this is a video of a few anchormen who can’t control laughing over a model who stumbles on the runway. Watching this clip makes me laugh. It’s not really over the fact that a model is falling, it’s more over the way the two “professional” guys laugh at something so unfortunate. Some laughter is very contagious, no matter what the situation. Here’s the vid:


8 thoughts on “It’s Just You.

  1. That is a funny vid. I admit, I chuckle every time a model or beauty pageant contestant slips and falls, esp. when they were trying so hard to be all serious and sexy in the first place. The only thing funnier than her fall are the clothes! Seriously, who wears that crap?

  2. I would have to say that there is always a crtic that wants to place the fault on others.. I’d say it is her.. but hopefully you can still pull it together for the big recital..

  3. I would have kept the joke going until your next practice. Let her sweat for a bit, it would be fun.

    That video is funny. I like her second fall as her feet start rolling beneath her. Good stuff.

  4. Eros: The emaciated farm girl look is totally in right now! ;)

    Babybull: I know we can pull it together by then, we’ve still got a few months to go. Plenty of time! :)

    AlienCG: I kept watching her feet and it’s almost like her shoes were caught on carpeting. But I don’t think there was any on that runway. I laughed more at the guy wheezing with laughter.

    Churlita: When it’s us, it feels like we’re falling in slow motion. Painful at first sometimes, but perfect for a good laugh later on.

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