Pick an Apple/Eat an Apple

I’m thinking of something Jim Gaffigan talked about once:

“Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden for eating an apple. An apple?? Cover it in caramel and get back to me.”

Today’s holiday is “Pick an Apple/Eat an Apple”. I have apples in my fridge. Two kinds – the regular Gala type and the ones that are covered in caramel and nuts. Guess which one I picked?

Caramel Apple

It was delicious.


8 thoughts on “Pick an Apple/Eat an Apple

  1. Funny, I never liked apples covered in caramel. Then again, I don’t tend to like fruit covered by sweets, like strawberries and chocolate. I like to keep those things separate!

  2. Churlita: Tis the season for them!

    Laura B: I think anything is better with some caramel involved, but yes apples have that juicy tartness that goes very well with the sweet caramel.

    Seb: I’m like that with some things – I could never understand how people let their pancake syrup run into their sausage links and bacon. Blergh!

  3. we have been going to an Apple Farm not far and they have every kind of apple known to mankind.. and they offer veggies and have animals.. LHM loves going there.. We recently tried some Cortlands and Honey Crisp and I also love the Royal Galas.. Very delicious

  4. I’m not usually a big apple eater, so I’m not familiar with many types. I know grapples, Mcintosh and Granny Smiths, and of course Galas. :D

    That farm sounds fun for LHM! How is he doing?

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