I Made a Change & Kind of Realized It Wasn’t Winter Yet

Hey all! Okay, so I celebrated Saturday’s eclectic holiday where it asked to change one thing about our blogs. I changed the appearance! I like it, the posts seem to stand out more with the different colors.

Today was “It’s Not Winter Yet” Day. I’m one of the anti-Winter people, but I do like to use cold weather as an excuse to buy new sweaters. That’s what I did, but first I had to return something. I had a chair cover that said it was supposed to fit all wingbacks, but it lied. It did not. Mainly because my wingback chair is a bit smaller. But that’s irrelevant. Anyway, I returned it and had money put back into my account, only to buy more things. I am happy with the sweaters I bought, though. I like starting a new week with something brand new to wear. Anyway, the point is that I kind of acted like it was Winter by buying the sweaters, knowing that it wasn’t Winter yet…Um, yeah.

Oh and on Friday I also bought a Halloween costume. Just once I’d like to go all gory, but since I work at an office and kids don’t trick-or-treat through the apartment hallways, what’s the point? I went looking for a Star Trek costume I had seen online. It was a red dress with the Star Trek emblem on it. The costume shop had it, but I chickened out. They had two sizes, small and medium, but didn’t have a large which I would’ve felt more comfortable in at work. I’m not saying I’m a “large” size, but a little room would’ve been nice. Then I noticed another cool costume, so I bought that one. Nothing from the movies or TV. What will I be for Halloween? You’ll just have to wait.


8 thoughts on “I Made a Change & Kind of Realized It Wasn’t Winter Yet

  1. Your blog looks great. Very fresh :-)

    I get new clothes very seldom, but when I do it is the best feeling. Enjoy those new sweaters…it will be winter soon enough and is shaping up into a pretty cool fall.

    I can’t wait to find out what you are going to be for Halloween!!!

  2. The only good thing about winter is the sleeping weather. I do like wearing my sweatshirts, but I prefer shorts and t-shirts more.

    I don’t have a Halloween costume this year, but I was invited to a small get together this year. I can’t wait to see what you chose.

  3. Yeah, I’m really liking this new look!

    Exciting for halloween, too bad you can’t do anything gory though. One of these years I want to dress up as a killer bear with blood all over my maw and paws.

  4. Laura B.: Thank ya! It usually takes a lot of effort for me to want to look for new clothes, but I knew I needed a few new items.

    AlienCG: That’s true, it’s much more comfortable sleeping in the colder months rather than have a steam bath during the summer while you’re trying to sleep. No costume this year?? Why not?

    Churlita: You do have a bit on your plate right now, so I can imagine how house hunting would be higher on the to-do list than finding a costume.

    Seb: Okay now that would be a very cool costume, and I know you could pull it off.

    NoRegrets: Yup – completely different and yet the same. wow.

  5. I like the new look.. It’s kind of “Fallish”.. The font stands out and is readable.. Kudos for such a creative change..

    BTW I’m slowly making a comeback with blogging..

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