(Belated) Saturday Scavenger Shots: Hope

Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying the weekend so far!

Ms. Laura B. of “What Fresh Hell is This?” chose the word “hope” for the most recent Saturday Scavenger Shots word. I dug into the vintage files and found a few to post:

Angel and Shadow

Here’s a photo of one of the angels my mom gave me. Angels can provide hope.

Wings n Things

This one was taken awhile back, on our way home from Arizona. We couldn’t land right away because storms were underneath these clouds. But once that sun peaks through, there’s hope that everything will calm down. We hoped we could land soon, too, and we did.

I hope you enjoyed these photos!

Laura B. tagged me to be the next word chooser, so here’s the new word: TIME. That hasn’t been used yet, has it? Hope not!



6 thoughts on “(Belated) Saturday Scavenger Shots: Hope

  1. AlienCG: Thank you! It’s tricky sometimes to get a shot out of an airplane, but thankfully I didn’t have my flash on.

    Eros: You should play along with Saturday Scavenger ShotsI

    Laura B.: Thank you! I wasn’t sure what to post, but I’m glad I chose those two shots!

    Churlita: Thank you!

    NoRegrets: They were so beautiful, I had to take a picture of them.

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