Let’s….Not…Do That Again, Mm Kay?

So the fun blogger named Eroswings recently participated in a meme that asked to blog about ten things you did that you would not repeat. It was an interesting meme. Different. So I thought I’d participate too. Although there are many things I would rather not do again, here are ten of them, in no particular order:

1. Drinking a tall glass of straight rum: I bought a bottle of tax-free rum when my friends and I went on a cruise to the Caribbean, and I was both excited and scared to try it when I brought it home. I thought I’d have a snack of miniature smoked sausages and a glass of rum.  Should’ve used a small glass, and diluted the rum a bit. Instead, I poured myself a very tall glass and drank the whole thing. Needless to say, my stomach lectured me by throbbing and burning for what seemed like an eternity.

2. Taking my cat to something called a Singles and Their Pets Event: I’ve blogged about this before. To my cat Skittles – I’m so sorry, Skittle von Skittleton of the McSkittleshire, for taking you out of your comfort zone and traumatizing you by taking you to a sports bar so that I could possibly find someone else who likes cats. I’m sorry for trying to take you out of your carrier so that we could pose for a photo opportunity. I’m glad that I could offer myself as a scratching post, though. Thank you for teaching me the value of antiseptic and gauze.

3. Making a video of me winking at the camera and posting it for all to see:  When I got my first webcam about five, six years ago, I played around with it. I had just returned from the mall, after getting a little facial, and I felt purty. So I made a short video that was extremely tame, except I winked at the camera. I posted it somewhere, and, although I did receive some fun comments from friends, the video also produced some unwanted attention.  My fault, I realize, I shouldn’t have posted a video like that at all. But I will never do it again.

4. Peeling paint off of the steps with an Exacto blade: I was playing around one afternoon when I was younger. The steps that led to our backyard needed to be repainted. The old paint was peeling away. I was absentmindedly digging the blade underneath the paint to peel it back, when the blade slipped and sliced me good between two of my fingers. I panicked, thought I was going to bleed to death, but everything was taken care of within a few minutes. Dr. Mom helped me.

5. Witnessing our bus driver plow over a deer on the highway: I blogged about this one too, and although I can kind of laugh at the shock of it now, I do not want the experience repeated, thank you very much.

6. Going on a walk in the woods by myself and getting lost:  Never again. I was so scared and disoriented, even though I wasn’t very far from civilization. They actually rebuilt the path I was on and made it much nicer for the public. But I still won’t go walking alone. Creeped me out.

7. Taking Vivarin: I took this once when I was over at a friend’s place. She wanted us to stay up all night. I’m thinking coffee would’ve been better, because the Vivarin made me sick to my stomach.

8. Feeding my hypochondria by looking up symptoms online: I thought I had a combination of diabetes, meningitis, appendicitis  and leukemia: This was a bad stage I went through a few years ago. I had my tendencies in the past, but nothing so severe. But one day I felt shaky, weak and my mouth was dry. I made the mistake of looking up my simple symptoms online, thinking I had something much worse. My sensitive brain took it from there. I went to get myself checked by a gynecologist, then my family doctor and then a specialist he referred me to, just to weed out possibilities. Eventually when everything could be attributed to simple problems with simple solutions, I became much better at calming myself down. My mom also gave me a book on how to treat nerves and anxiety. It had helped her in the past, and it helped me too.

9. Putting pure lemon oil on my face to treat acne: It does work to get rid of acne, but it also dries up and burns the face. Wait…natural, citric acid actually burns? Who knew? I put some all over my face, and then I had to rinse it all off. I didn’t need to wear blush that day, my face was red enough.

10. Being careless with making money too accessible: While working at Malley’s we all hung our coats together on one rack. One day I carelessly left money in my coat pocket and went to work. Somewhere between 8am and lunchtime, someone had snuck in and took the money I had in my coat pocket. Nothing like a few bucks, I think I may have had $20 in there. I never reported it, though, but I should’ve. Then about a year ago at the place I work at now, I again left money on my desk and left the office without locking it. I came back, went looking for my money, but it wasn’t anywhere to be found. In both instances, I hope whoever it was who took someone else’s money needed it to get themselves out of a desperate situation. But if whoever took that money did it just to get more money….Carma’s gonna get you.

Mm kay, I’m done. These were kind of low-key, but if you want to do this meme have fun!


9 thoughts on “Let’s….Not…Do That Again, Mm Kay?

  1. Thanks for the compliment, Tara! I luv your blog because it’s fun and enjoyable for me to read!

    Getting lost and being robbed are definitely experiences I would not want to repeat.

    I laughed out loud at number 1. Drinking a tall glass of straight rum and number 2. Taking my cat to something called a Singles and Their Pets Event on the list.

    Number 5. Witnessing our bus driver plow over a deer on the highway is funny, too. Too bad for the deer, but it’s a good thing y’all survived the impact.

    Great job on the list!

  2. I haven’t done any of those things and now I know better! What a great meme :-)

    Oh, actually, I have done 10…more than once, to my regret….

    And I have to find where your post about Singles and Their Pets…that is just too awesome.

  3. Eros: I’m so glad you think my blog is fun! Thanks Eros! :)

    The bus driver really couldn’t help to run over the deer. If he had tried to dodge, it would’ve been even more dangerous. But it was still disturbing to see.

    Churlita: Ha..no, I didn’t…She was just trying to cling on for safety. But really..ouch.

    LB: I should’ve linked to the Singles and Pets Event story. it was quite a scene. :)

  4. Oh, your blog is looking different! very nice.

    Hypochondria… yeah, never ever start looking up your symptoms on the net. That can be a frightening thing!

    Singles night w/ the cat at a sports bar… probably not a good idea either, hehe.

    That deer story is very sad. I hate it when creatures get run over :(

  5. Laura B.: Yup! Right on time for the holiday “make one change to your blog day”! Thank you, I like the colors in this one!

    Seb: Thank you! Glad you like the new look!
    The deer being hit was very upsetting to me.

    Silver: It’s very frightening, isn’t it?
    Tim: Thank you! I really like it!

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