Be Your Better Self Day!

– Well it’s October! A new month and it’s all ours for the taking. Did you celebrate the eclectic holiday for today? It is “Be Your Better Self Day”, suggested by Ms. Laura B.! So, people, were you your better selves today? I’m not sure what I was, really. I do know that I got to bed earlier last night and slept real well. I was able to wake up and have the opportunity to be my better self. And I guess I was more focused today, too. Good times. How about you?

– I came to the realization recently, that I really like my new place! Even though it’s the same one bedroom, one bathroom setup, it somehow seems bigger. Plus, I actually like the fact that I’m on the first floor. The movers loved it too, when they moved my stuff in that day. The only thing I have to do now, is go upstairs when I’m doing laundry. There isn’t a laundry room on my floor. I am adapting quite well, though.

– One of my coworkers (another cat person) and I greet each other sometimes by meowing. She greets her students that way, too. Not an authentic “meow”, that would just be creepy. But just a quick, nonchalant, “Meow!” …..Don’t judge us.

– During lunch today, I was at home checking out the Weather Channel. I kept hearing what sounded like my cat crying sporadically for attention, but she was lounging on one of the dining room chairs. She doesn’t cry from that perch, but I went over to her anyway and pet her a bit. She looked at me like I was disturbing her sleep. So I listened and kept hearing the cat sound, but found out it was the background music on the Weather Channel. You’re starting to worry about me, aren’t you?


5 thoughts on “Be Your Better Self Day!

  1. Ah, yes, it’s so nice to feel rested and ready for the day!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your new space.

    That’s funny about the meow hello. At work, some of my coworkers and I say ‘Howdy’. It either gets smiles or raised eyebrows from out of state visitors.

    The worst background tv noise for me is knocking. Sometimes, when they knock on tv and I’m not paying attention, I think it’s the door so I go to it and find no one there.

  2. Hooray for celebrating Eclectic holidays!

    I love having little ‘things’ with people at work…there have to be ways to make the hours there more fun!

    I’m really glad you are enjoying your new place, Tara.

    I think it is sweet that you are so attuned to Skittles needs…you’re like a mom who reacts when any baby cries :-)

  3. Eros: I said “Howdy” to a coworker, and it made her happy. She said, “That’s a greeting I don’t hear too often!”

    Laura B: Yeah, it’s so nice to talk to her – we kind of unload our frustrations in my office through humor, and it’s so therapeutic.

    Haha…yeah, sometimes Skittles gets a bit frustrated with her mother, because I don’t see to her demands fast enough. But she’s a cool roommate.

  4. Great to hear you are getting used to the new place. Just don’t set it on fire now, mkay :)

    Meowing is lots of fun. My dog doesn’t care if I meow now, used to get him all riled up, in a fun way.

  5. Seb: When we had a dog, we used to get her riled up by knocking on wood and yelling, “Come in!” She thought there was someone at the door and would start barking. Always fell for it, too!

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