Eclectic Days of October 2009! “They’re heeere!”

Hey everybody! October starts tomorrow, isn’t that exciting? Not just a brand new month, but the official month of Halloween! Let the horror movie marathons begin. Thank you again for all of your ideas! They are all in the following list.

1. Be Your Better Self Day
2. Dance Like Your Favorite Peanuts Character or Talk Like Charlie Brown’s Teacher (Peanuts Comic Strip Debut – 1950)
3. Make One Change to Your Blog Day
4. It’s Not Winter Yet Day
5. Pick an Apple/Eat an Apple
6. Shout Something Random That a Comic Book Supervillain Might Say Day
7. Sing “a Little Diddy ‘Bout Jack & Diane” Today (John Mellencamp’s Birthday)
8. Secret Agent Man’s 23rd Birthday!
9. Caramel Apple Appreciation Day
10. Give in to the Dark Side Day
11. Black Eyed Peas Appreciation Day (either the Food or the Band)
12. Thanksgiving Day for Canada! – Eat Bacon, Pancakes and Maple Syrup, or Donuts and Coffee or Any Canadian Cuisine
13. Columbus Day – Take a Different Path and Discover or Try Something New Today
14. Stand On One Foot for 30 Seconds Today
15. Pull Yourself Over to the Side of the Road and Ask Yourself, “Do you know how fast you were going?”)
16. Create a Meme and Tag 16 People Today
17. “Southpark” Appreciation Day
18. Singular Sensation Day – Go to the Movies By Yourself
19. Horror Movie Legends Appreciation Day
20. Hold Your Breath as Long as You Can Without Passing Out Today (Healthy Lung Month)
21. Eat Your Veggies Day
22. Pizza Appreciation Day
23. Just Call Someone to Say You Love Them Today (Stevie Wonder recorded his first single, “Thank you for Loving Me All the Way,” at the age of 12)
24. Rosa Parks Appreciation Day
25. Draw a Distorted Smiley Face Today (Pablo Picasso’s Birthday – 1881)
26. Pamper Yourself Day
27. Time to Start Shopping for Christmas Day
28. Back Pain Awareness Day
29. Enjoy a Movie Starring Richard Dreyfus (Born this day in 1947)
30. Mischief Night (“But try not to get into too much troubles, okay? Hehe..”)/National Candy Corn Day
31. Happy Halloween, Everyone!/Trick-or-Treat Candy Trade Day (which piece of candy would you like to trade with someone?)


This was a pumpkin I carved a few years ago. I didn’t even carve one last year! Eek! Need to make up for it.

12 thoughts on “Eclectic Days of October 2009! “They’re heeere!”

  1. It’s a kitty! I love it. October is my favorite month – although we don’t really do anything for Halloween anymore – I still love the smell of it.

    Also it’s a small period of time that I get to wear all my cool jackets and scarves before having to don the parka and snow boots.

  2. Great holidays as always.. I was quite happy to see you added for the Canadian Thanksgiving.. much appreciated.. I know you did that for my I will eat till the turkeys come home and alla the donuts and coffee..thanks!


  3. Abroad: Hey there, stranger! I wish we had more months to celebrate the cool weather instead of the freezing, white stuff.

    Churlita: It’s still too early in the day to be my better self.

    Babybull: I listed Canadian Thanksgiving for you, but it was actually Eros who came up with the idea to eat Canadian-related food that day. He’s very wise. :)

    Laura B: That’ll be a fun holiday! And could you tell I was hungry when I made that list? Hehe.

    Tim: Yes, I think we should all celebrate that holiday.

    Eros: Thank you! And thank you for your ideas, too! I’m looking forward to Pizza Appreciation Day. It’s my full intention to appreciate a large pizza with pepperoni and sausage.

    NoRegrets: I don’t know what my better half is either, but I’ll try to find out.

  4. Seb: Oh now that’s how to celebrate! Is Rocky going to be the Emperor or Luke Skywalker?

    FW: I think I like almost any flavored syrup on pancakes, but yes maple syrup is the best.

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