“A dizzying array of textures…and moments.”

– I made so much progress this weekend with organizing my bedroom. I still had some pictures to hang, and the closet was still hard to look at and close. But now the closet looks all tidy. Even better, I can close the doors! Yay!

– While trying to put up a crate of books on one of the shelves, one of the thick, heavy books slipped off and landed on the bridge of my nose. It hurt and stung and made me put the crate back down on the floor so that I could wait for the stinging to stop. I really should’ve put ice on it, because now there’s a lump and it’s tender to the touch. But I will survive!

– My coworker was chewing some mint-flavored gum today, and it smelled like window cleaner.

– I caught the mail person as I was leaving my apartment after lunch today, and she had one of the movies I ordered! Yay! I took the package from her, got in my car and tore the package open like it was Christmas. I will be watching “Ghost World” tonight! I got the CD on Saturday and enjoyed listening to it this weekend. “Cursed” is the last movie that I’m waiting for, and I hope it comes soon!

– Since I was hooked up with my new cable service, I am loving the fact that I can record stuff automatically without a pesky VHS/DVD player! I’m taking full advantage of it.

– I finally bought the movie “The Color Purple”…Not sure if I blogged about that already, but it’s true. I love that movie, even though the bulk of it is about her being separated from her beloved sister, and her husband, a young Danny Glover, treats her like garbage. But it’s still a great movie and it has tons of memorable moments. And that song “Sister” gets stuck in my head every time. Especially, “Sister, remember your name. No twister’s gonna steal your stuff away.” Love it!

– Tonight I will skip choir practice. I plan to treat myself to Arby’s, have a bubble bath and just unwind. I had every intention of going to sleep early last night, but caught a second wind. It could’ve been the fourth cup of coffee that did it. Hmm. Anyway, then I thought I’d get up earlier, so I set my alarm. Woke up at 5am with not just the radio alarm, but a huge boom of thunder. Yuss. I rolled over so that I could watch the lightening (I saw only one flash before the storm went away) and listen to the rain. It was nice.

12 thoughts on ““A dizzying array of textures…and moments.”

  1. I am so glad you cleaned out your closet :-)

    Sounds like you have made the right call staying in tonight. Arby, a bubble bath, and a movie is pretty much heaven as far as I’m concerned.

    I really like The Color Purple too. It is one of those movies that really stays with you.

  2. Congratulations on accomplishing your tasks and taking a day to take care of yourself!

    I enjoy watching the Color Purple. That is a great movie! My fave scene is the one where they go from the club to church, finally finding acceptance and forgiveness and moving on to better things.

  3. Ouch! I hate the idea of things hitting my nose. You didn’t look like Marsha Brady, did you?

    Does catching the mail person require a net? Are they hard to catch? Of course, getting new movies is always a fun thing.

    I have yet to get a DVR. Once I’m making the big bucks again, I may order one through my cable provider.

    Arby’s. bubble bath and unwind. Sounds like a recipe for a good evening.

  4. Mmmm. I love the potato cakes at Arby’s.

    Have you ever read the book The Color Purple? I read it in college. I started and was only going to read it for an hour, and didn’t put it down until I finished it.

  5. Suze: Hmm, I’ll have to try that concoction the next time I’m there!

    Laura B.: It WAS heaven, I thoroughly enjoyed my night!

    Eros: Oh yeah, I love that scene too! Gets me a little emotional. I also love it when they finally discover all the letters he hid from her.

    AlienCG: I thought perhaps I would look like her, because it hurt so much! Thankfully I did not break my nose. No Marsha Brady.

    It’s hard to catch the mail person when living in an apartment. They don’t leave the packages at the door, they take them back to the post office. Blah.

    Churlita: Nope, haven’t read the book, but I can imagine that it would be hard to put down!

    Seb: I actually did not miss the Cackler! Maybe she missed me?

    And thank you, my nose does feel better!

    Manuel: Yup, that was the reason for my status that day. When books attack….

    I LOVE my DVR! I’ve recorded a few things so far, and it is set to record “Good Fellas”, too.

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