October is Coming! Let’s Scare Up Some Ideas!

Hey everybody, October will be here in a few days! Yay! So if you have any calendar ideas, please share! Anniversaries, blogiversaries, birthdays…anything! Sharing is caring!

Here is a photo of a dig site right here in Cleveland. It’s located in a playground so that kids can dig up dinosaur bones. Cool, isn’t it? I have more photos from that location, I’ll post those within the next few days.

Can you dig it?

Can you dig it?


6 thoughts on “October is Coming! Let’s Scare Up Some Ideas!

  1. Churlita: That one will be fun! I’ll start collecting candy now.

    Laura B.: I like the “Give in to the dark side” day. Muah ha ha.

    NoRegrets: Thank you, I especially love the “not winter yet” day!

    Tim: Oo, great idea!

  2. 2 Oct– was when the Peanuts comic strip debut in 1950. How about Dance like your favorite Peanuts character today! Or talk like Charlie Brown’s teacher :)

    12 Oct–Canadian Thanksgiving. Eat bacon, pancakes and maple syrup, or donuts and coffee or any Canadian cuisine.

    13 Oct–Columbus Day. Take a different path and discover or try something new today.

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