Shut the Bell Up!

During this annoying little move to the other side of the apartment complex, I transferred the bell my mom had given me when I first moved into my original building. She encouraged me to attach it to my door, kind of like a little alarm system. Anyway, I put the bell up on the door I have now, and started to realize that many people on my floor slam doors. I doubt they’re all having arguments, I know some doors, like the one to the mail room, can’t help it.

Anyway, whenever the doors are slammed, I hear the bell on my door. At first it was a bit alarming because I thought someone was coming through the door. Well when my mom starting coming over last week to wait for the delivery people, she noticed the bell too, and was getting annoyed. She also imagined that my neighbors heard it too, and she didn’t want angry people complaining to me.

On the first day of what I thought would be a delivery day for my cable, internet and phone (we won’t go into that false delivery day, it makes me frown), I came home to have lunch with my mom. I glanced at my door bell and it was stuffed with napkins. It amused me a little more than it probably should, and I said to my mom, “Ah, so you gagged the bell?” My mom confirmed with an air of frustration, “Yes, I gagged the bell.”


6 thoughts on “Shut the Bell Up!

  1. Ah, talk about annoying rings…like the alarm clock. I feel the same way about wind chimes. They look nice and sound great at first, but then they get annoying. And it’s even worse when you’re sleeping and it goes off at night, freaking you out at first. Then it just gets annoying when you can’t sleep because of the constant chiming all night!

  2. I don’t like things that make noise arbitrarily. The only thing that happens at my house is when I close the front door, the small pictures next to the door tend to bump against the wall. The idea of a bell stuffed with napkins is funny.

  3. I have a bell on my door too! I got it downstairs and it came upstairs with us. So far, it works as it should, just jangling a bit if someone comes in. I could see where if it was rattling around for no reason it could become irritating.
    I really like windchimes, but since I live in an apt and, clearly, not everyone is so fond of them, I don’t have any :-)

  4. Eroswings: The alarm clocks – both the one on my radio alarm and my cell phone, are extremely annoying.

    AlienCG: I got a good chuckle out of the bell stuffed with napkins.
    My mom the problem solver. :D

    Churlita: I’m going to see if she wants that bell back – maybe she won’t now that she knows how noisy it can be. :D

    NoRegrets: Yup, it is down – much quieter!

    Laura B.: I didn’t notice my bell too much when I had it on the door in my old place. But now that I’ve taken it off, it’s kind of nice! I would love to be able to hang wind chimes, but yeah I think that would become an annoyance as well.

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