I was cleaning out some drawers last week and came across two little folders. They were shots of me from back in 1995, when my mom and sister-in-law bought me a session with a studio called Glamour Shots. It was really fun – they did my hair, painted on tons of makeup and then a photographer took photos of me in different costumes.

Here are just a few:

Glamour Shots 1

Don’t mess with me, I have a leather jacket on…and glasses.

Glamour Shots 5

A shot without my glasses, but still with the jacket. The warning still applies, people. Still tough.

Glamour Shots 3

I’ll call this one the Celine Dion pose, he had me clench my fists and bring them up – it looks like I should be singing “My Heart Will Go On” or something. And no, that is not real fur.

Patriotic Photo

Finally, here is the photo my brother teased me about the most. It’s the patriotic salute and the hat that got him going. He saw these photos when we all went down to Texas for his wedding, and every now and then he would mock me in this photo. Ah, brothers.


21 thoughts on ““Glamour??”

  1. You look great in all of them! The leather jacket one without the glasses looks like you’re about to laugh out loud, definitely having a lot of fun.

    Your brother is just jealous he doesn’t have any patriotic glamor shots!

  2. I miss Glamor Shots. My mom set up an appointment for me for my 14th birthday-but then my dad ended up having to take me (needless to say, he dropped my friend and I off to do our thing). My parents still have one of the shots framed in our tv room.

  3. Manuel: Hey thank you!

    Eros: Thank you! I may have wanted to laugh a few times during that session! :)

    Churlita: Yeah, I would worry about all of my brothers more if they didn’t tease. It’s one of their many strengths.

    NoRegrets: They had that fuzzy, Barbara Walters show thing going on with those photos.

    FW: Thank you, my hair was really long at that time. I actually didn’t mind the photo session too much, once I got the hang of it. I think the photographer acted more nervous.

    You have such great hair Tara, lovely photos! How did you feel while they did the shoot? I would have felt too uncomfortable to relax but you look really at ease.

    Tim: I did! Don’t know which was more fun, getting a facial or dressing up in glamorous stuff!

    Silver: I miss that place too! Even looked it up the other day, but they don’t have a location in Ohio anymore.

  4. Splendid pictures ! These were taken in 1995 ? Yet, the are so 80’s ! My wife, who unfortunately passed away in March, also had wonderful glamour shots : big feathered hair, awesome make-up, classy clothes, and such a beauty ! I’ll cherish those pictures forever…

    By the way, that leather jacket looks really great on you (with and without glasses) !

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