Hello everybody! Happy Fall/Autumn! I actually love this time of year, even though it doesn’t last long enough and before we know it that white stuff is on the ground or threatening to bury us. I wish Fall lasted longer. The smell of fresh, crisp weather, the taste of apple cider and powdered donuts, Halloween and caramel-covered apples. Not sure which thing I like more, dressing up in stupid costumes or eating apples drowned in gooey caramel. Anyway, here are some points from this past weekend:

– I was able to leave early on Friday last week, so I got the hell out of there, probably left tire marks on the pavement. When I got home, there was my new couch. Sitting there, waiting for me. Yay! The kidney pillows were there, but the other two pillows were missing. Hm! My mom had been there to help them deliver the couch, and apparently they were under the impression that I wasn’t supposed to get all of the pillows! Oh noooo they dih-ent! Someone would be in the neighborhood on Saturday, so they scheduled a pillow drop-off.

– Later that day, my mom and I went to Applebee’s. I had a chicken fajita wrap that was totally delicious, and she had BBQ ribs. Then I made the mistake of looking at the dessert menu. We don’t usually go for dessert, we’re usually full by then. But the desserts we ordered were fairly small. I had chocolate mousse and she had cherry cheesecake. Damn, I love that restaurant.

We did a bit more shopping afterward (mainly to walk off the desserts), and then eventually I got to go home and spend quality time with my apartment. I was exhausted, though. And when I get exhausted, little things get to me and I feel anxious. I had an uneasy feeling when I got home, a feeling of doom that something was going to go wrong. But a good night’s sleep cleared that out of my head.

– On Saturday morning, I woke up all ready for the day. I was done sleeping and even just lying back and relaxing on my bed. It was time to lounge on my couch and watch stupid TV. But the point is I could actually watch stupid TV by then. My plan was to drink coffee and lounge around until the time I was supposed to expect my pillows to arrive. I wanted to take a photo of my new couch, but I wanted to present all of my favorite bloggers with the best photo, complete with all the pillows and a few decorations.

– After the pillow people left, I drove over to the craft store to look for a frame. There was one there that was the exact size I was looking for, and there weren’t any others left with those measurements. It was a really nice frame and it was meant for me to find. So I snatched that up, bought more soap-making materials and headed on home.

Then after a bit of struggle with the frame and getting it all hooked up with…well hooks, I was finally able to hang it. NOW, I could take some photos, and you saw those in the previous post!

– During the weekend, my garbage disposal and drain became clogged in the kitchen, and my sink almost overflowed when I ran the dishwasher. So I called the maintenance guy and he took care of it quickly. Then once he left I noticed that my dishwasher wasn’t draining completely. Crap, now what?? I had to put in another work order for that, but then I started wondering if I should run the rinse/dry cycle one more time. It had shut off when I was trying to reset the garbage disposal and stuff. So I tried it and voila, I feexed it!

My shower also needed to be fixed. The regular faucets were powerful enough, but the water pressure in the shower was very weak. It was like trying to bathe under a flowering pot. They fixed that too, today, but I still miss the water pressure I had in my old apartment.

– Choir…well choir was about the same. The Cackler was there, but didn’t pull any new tricks. I talked to her before practice – just catching up on our lives and stuff. Maybe that’s the trick – talking to her before practice makes for a quieter practice. Not sure.

Well it’s safe to say that at the moment I’m pretty boring. Nothing new right now! I’d like to report funny things, but I don’t have anything funny to report. I’m done for the night! Tomorrow is another day!


6 thoughts on “Mix

  1. I relate to so much of what you are saying in this post. I love Applebees. I KNOW that anxious feeling that just tiredness can bring. And all those little settling in adjustments, girl, I been there!
    And just so you know…you are definitely not boring. Posts like this are blogging gold to me!

  2. Laura B.: Aw thank you for that! Sometimes I feel that I don’t have much to contribute, but somehow putting things in bullet points helps me sort the thoughts out in my mind. Very glad to see another Applebees fan! :)

    Churlita: Thanks to you too! I am relaxing a bit more now that things are settling down.

    Tim: Thanks! I do feel very accomplished and independent when I fix something on my own!

    NoRegrets: I remember any festival we went to in the Fall would have cider and powdered donuts. Weird, huh? Strange combination, but very tasty.

  3. Ah, yes, the clogged sink–been there. Thank goodness for quick maintenance people–it’s one of the perks of living in an apt. I’m glad you’re enjoying your sofa! I like reading your activities post–it’s like a day in the life of Tara–so much better than the reality crap on tv these days.

    Powdered donuts should be celebrated all year!

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