My itinerary for today was blissfully boring. I actually got a good night’s sleep. On Friday night, I got to bed earlier than usual…Not just “got to bed” but passed out. I will not go into how sensitive I get when I’m exhausted….At least not now. No!

The very bright side is that I got my new couch delivered on Friday! They didn’t deliver all of the pillows, though, just the “kidney pillows”, but today they brought over the other two. Good freakin times! So without delay, here are some photos of my new place:

Mah New Couch!

Here’s my new couch, along with my matching lamp and Georgia O’Keefe print!

New Techi Hookup

Here’s my new, techi setup! I love the new services and channels! Extra credit to anyone who can guess the movie I was watching there.

Dining Room Setting

This is my new table setting at my new place. Check out the new center piece, place mats and napkins. Oh, and the matching candles.

It was all fun to redecorate and de-clutter! There’s more to straighten up, but that’s the bulk of it. What do you think?


11 thoughts on “Photos!

  1. The couch is excellent looking. It looks quite comfy. I have no idea what movie is on the TV, but I’ve seen the UVerse setup many times. The dining room looks quite inviting. Are you sure you want to move back to the other unit?

  2. Tim: Haha…Yes, and more! I sprawled out on Saturday and Sunday morning, curled up with all of the pillows around me. It was soooo nice.

    Eros: Thanks, the sofa is extremely comfy!

    NoRegrets: Well this didn’t crop up overnight, and I had to learn from my messy mistakes, but hopefully things are on the right track, now. But thank you!

    AlienCG: Yeah, it would be a shame to have to uproot all of this stuff again and start from scratch. I miss people in my old apartment, and the water pressure in the shower isn’t very strong. But aside from that, this place could grow on me.

    Suze: Thanks Suze! Hope you had a great birthday!

    Laura B.: Thank you, Laura! I’m going to try to keep it looking as grown up as possible, but I’ll always have my Nintendo Wii. :)

    You’re kind of close about the movie, that is Meg Ryan, but it’s not Sleepless in Seattle…

  3. Churlita: Yup, there were a few nice things that came from the chaos!

    FW: Thank you! Nope, the movie’s not “My Mom’s New Boyfriend”..

    Manuel: Thanks! I was in the Autumn frame of mind at Walmart and things were just going together, including the place mats.

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