Cable, Phone and Sort of Internet!

Hey everybody! I’m FINALLY blogging from Chez Tara again! Yay! The guy came over even before his scheduled time and was welcomed by my awesome mom. Then I came home at 3pm, knocked lightly so as not to startle my mom. I did not notice the huge duffel bag filled with techi stuff, and figured he hadn’t arrived yet. Nope, he was there, just getting stuff from his van! Yippee! My tech guy hooked up my cable, phone and internet. Only problem is that my computer is low on space, so it is running extra slow at the moment. I also need to call customer service and find out how to reset my voicemail for my new phone number.

But seriously, though, it is SO AWESOME that I can actually blog from my home! I don’t like blogging at work, I know it’s bad. I also don’t like using another facility’s computer where I have limited time. Don’t limit a blogger on the amount of time he/she has, people! Sheesh.

I’m happy, though. My cable thingy is currently recording Dane Cook’s show “Rough Around the Edges”. I screached with delite and frightened Skittles because I found out all the stuff I could do with my new cable. Good times!


5 thoughts on “Cable, Phone and Sort of Internet!

  1. Hey, it’s great that your back online! Glad you’re getting the whole gadget side of stuff sorted out again. Trouble with PCs is that regardless of how much space you have, it always fills up faster than you expect.

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