Shizzle McNizzle

– My internet, cable and phone package was supposed to be hooked up today, but that didn’t happen. My mom even stayed at my place to wait for them, so that I wouldn’t have to take off of work. They never showed up, never called to tell me why they didn’t show up. I have grown very tired of incompetence during these past couple weeks. UPS screwed up on a package that was supposed to be delivered, and by the time I got a hold of someone from the place I ordered the product from, there weren’t any in stock…Long story, but that’s the gist of it. Anyway, back to the mishap today, I called my phone company for what seemed like the bazillionth time to talk to the same woman who sounds like a substitute teacher I once had in junior high. I don’t even want to get into the mix up, because it’ll take up too much space, but it was not a misunderstanding on my part (just that I misunderstood and thought this could all be taken care of within a normal time frame rather than two weeks after the fire). They had postponed my order and would not be coming over today to set anything up, is the main point. I’d have to reschedule for later this week.

So I told my mom about it and she was furious as well, perhaps even more. She decided she was going to call and see what was going on, so that I wouldn’t have to spend so much time during work hours. By the way, I didn’t ask her to do this, I even told her she didn’t, but she said, “I WANT to see if I can get through to someone.”

She called back about a half hour ago to give me my brand new home phone and said they’d be setting me up tomorrow afternoon. My mom said she would be there to let them in, and at least one of those hours will be my lunch hour, so I can be home too. She’ll also be around on Friday to welcome the couch people (the ones who deliver the new couch, not little people who live within a couch – just wanted to clarify). I’m gonna have to treat that lady to lunch or dinner or both.

– When I got back to work this afternoon, I got a really nice email from a student who I helped out the other day. He said that I’m “pretty exceptional” at what I do. That made me feel good.


9 thoughts on “Shizzle McNizzle

  1. Super mom to the rescue! Unbelievable sometimes how these guys jerk people around, set up appointments and never show up and don’t even call to let you know they won’t be showing up. Drives me crazy.

  2. I am not at all surprised that the company screwed up, it’s their job to do so. Hopefully tomorrow will go better and Friday you’ll come home to a new couch.

    Your mom is a saint for doing this, but then again, she’s also a mom and they tend to do stuff. You should definitely buy her both lunch and dinner.

  3. Aw, it’s great that mums do that sort of thing for us! Mine spent a fair few hours at my place waiting for stuff to be delivered just after I got my house – so I got a song dedicated to her on the radio!

  4. The only way I got my internet up was for my friend (who they thought was my husband) to physically threaten them and yell at them so I would sound like the calm one. He worked for the phone company at one point so knew the lengths you could go to to actually get service. But so nice you got a note!

  5. I’m really hoping that the cable people do show up tomorrow like they are suppose to. That’s really awesome of your mother to stand up for you like that…and for going to your place to wait for them.

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