The Gang’s All Here

Last night was the first choir practice of the season, and it was good to be back! More people joined the choir too. Our choir director was his same silly self and told us it was so good to see us again.

I sat down next to a few of my choir friends and we caught up with each other. The lady that sat next to me isn’t much of a laugher. She doesn’t seem sad or anything, she’s just not easily amused like the rest of us.

And then there was the Cackler in all her glory. She was in the row in back of us, and it was just her and a few others in that row. She joked about how nobody wants to sit next to her. The “not amused” lady joined her, then my other choir friend joined our row, and all was right with the world.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to get my phone, internet and cable hooked up. Hopefully by Thursday I will be able to blog from my new home. Then on Friday I get my new couch!

Called the leasing office yesterday and asked if they knew for sure when the building would be all fixed, and they didn’t know. It would be nice to be able to move back to my old place after everything is fixed up.

Skittles is finally getting used to this new place, though. She hid in the far corner of my closet for three days after I moved to the new place. It’s the same kind of apartment, but while the kitchen used to be on the right, it is now on the left, and everything is turned around. She is back to playing with her toys and scampering around the apartment.


8 thoughts on “The Gang’s All Here

  1. Sounds like everything is right in the choir world…everyone in their place.
    I suppose even if the apt. was absolutely identical Skittles would know the difference. I’m glad you are both settling in.
    When I was moving, I found it ridiculously hard to do without cable and internet. My addictions had me jonesin’, man.

  2. Churlita: I certainly did not argue with the Cackler, or offer to sit next to her. I did offer some fake sympathy and said, “Aw!” That was the bulk of my efforts.

    Tim: Thank you! Wish me luck that everything can be set up today without a fuss!

    Laura B.: It as kind of a good thing that I didn’t have those addictions on hand, because it forced me to spend the time unpacking and organizing. It was still torture, though.

    Suze: Yeah, Skittles is back to sleeping on dining room chairs and jumping up on the newly decorated dining room table which is a forbidden cat zone. And the other day before I went to bed she decided that she wanted to play with me. She has all her energy back!

    Eros: I know! Then once practice starts for the Winter concert, it seems to really speed up!

    AlienCG: Thanks, I’m glad that Skittles is back to her old self in this new place.

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