“Get Off Your Ath, Let’s Do Some Math.”

Hey friends! Well I’m not completely back up and running with the internet, but thought I’d do a Blogthings quiz. Tonight is our first choir practice of the season! The Cackler should be in good form!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Disliking Math Says You Are Expressive

You are an expressive, passionate, and spontaneous person.
For you, math is way too cold a subject. You dislike how black and white it is.

While some people have extreme passion for math, that would take far more work than you’re willing to put in.
What you’re into changes like the wind, and you could never be forced to choose one thing. You have to be free to follow what you love.


3 thoughts on ““Get Off Your Ath, Let’s Do Some Math.”

  1. Disliking Foreign Languages Says You Are Creative

    You are creative, non-conformist, and a rule breaker.
    For you, foreign language is too structured. You don’t like the exacting standards set in a foreign language class.

    You believe that close enough is good enough. You are definitely not a perfectionist.
    You’re more likely to make up your own language than learn an existing language. You rather create than mimic.

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