Kidney Pillows

Since the couch I had at my old apartment was seen better days, the decision was made that it should be left behind for the cleanup crew to throw out. That was the plan and that is what happened. Therefore, I needed a new couch! I decided that a small red couch would look best in my living room, because I have a red and white lamp and a Georgia O’Keefe painting in my possession. I also have a red and orange themed dining area now, including a red place mat/dining area for Skittles.

Anyway, my mom and I went shopping at a furniture store the other day. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of that store or where we were. My mind is foggy and I need a nap. Oh yes! Levin. We went to Levin Furniture, thinking we’d find something. Nada. Keeping the sales people at bay, we backed out of the store slowly and vowed we’d look at other places within the next few days.

Today we went to another town, to a huge furniture store that the radio DJs rave about. I remember the commercials, they are animated and star two fish and the owner of the place. In one commercial, one of the fish jumps out of the tank and onto a new mattress. He’s perfectly still because he’s very comfortable.

Anyway, we looked around the store – the sales lady was very pleasant and wasn’t pushy. There was a step down area where they sold dining sets. After seeing couches that were priced over 1,000 bucks, I thought I’d venture down into the other area because I saw more sofas. While looking around, I found a nice red couch. It was reasonably priced and I thought it would be the one to buy. But as I turned the corner, I changed my mind. There in the next area was a small, suede couch with matching pillows. Perfect. It was not bright red, it was paprika. That’s how they described it at the shop, too. It was marked as clearance, and way within my price range. I showed my mom and she liked it too. Just as we were about to look for the sales lady, she found us. I asked her if they delivered and she said they did. I asked her how much it would cost for delivery and it was free. Know what else was free? The pillows! there were two regularly-sized pillows and two smaller ones that she called “kidney pillows”. Almost sounds like the name of a rock band. You can put the pillows down on the couch and rest against them with your lower back – where your kidneys are located.

My new couch will be delivered next Friday! The quest for a new couch was a success! I’ll take a photo of that too, when it gets all set up. I also bought a five-year warranty on stain-protection. They will come out and clean the couch for free whenever I need it. Good deal!

I love successful shopping days, don’t you? What was your most recent, successful purchase?


10 thoughts on “Kidney Pillows

  1. I’m glad you found something you liked. It took me forever to shop for a mattress-especially since my parents were helping me pay for it. Now I have to buy the rest of my furniture and I’m not looking forward to it.

  2. An awesome find, Tara – and kidney pillows? They sound great!! I hope you did the sprawl test where you just recline over it in the store to make sure it’s comfortable for those times you fall asleep on it?

    I loved sofa shopping when I was moving into Sparky Towers – and like you, I found the perfect one for me too!!

  3. Seb: Thanks! I think my mom bought it for me, but she found it at a garage sale.

    Suze: It looks great! I love that the pillows come with it, too!

    Silver: I’ve been fortunate enough to get lots of my furniture from my mom when I first moved out. The rest I usually either bought from a garage sale or was given to me by friends.

    Eros: Yup! I can’t wait to see how it’ll look in my living room!

    Laura B. : It was a relief to find this buy so quickly into the search. This was only the second store we visited!

    NoRegrets: The kidney pillow thing made me giggle too. And as for the fish, I remember the other character asking if the fish was alright and the other fish said, “No, I think he’s just really comfortable!” And then she jumps out of the tank too and falls asleep next to her friend. Hmm.

    Oh, that’s so great!
    Two things that made me laugh – kidney pillows, and um, by any chance was the fish not moving because it was dead?

    Churlita: I did think of buying a futon couch because I like fold-outs. But I really like the couch I found.

    AlienCG: I’m anxious for my couch to be delivered next Friday. My living room will be complete!

    Tim: thanks! :) I didn’t sprawl, but I did sit back and relax on that couch. It passed the comfy test with an A+! Isn’t it great finding the perfect piece of furniture? It’s like it was made for you. I am so glad that I ventured down into that area and found that little gem.

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