Status Whoa

Right, so here’s an update on the whole apartment thang. Skittles and I are moving to another building within the apartment complex. Apartment management will help us move, we get movers and a truck for free, and I have cheaper rent (mainly because the new place doesn’t have a balcony). I should’ve moved faster to claim a new place, but I was still hopeful that things would be back in order in a few days. Nope. I was told it would take a year to get everything back in order. A year. Serenity now, serenity now. We went over and claimed one of the remaining, vacant rooms left and I move in tomorrow. I will not have internet access or my home phone hooked up until the 16th, so I’m using my cell phone. My electricity will be on tomorrow, so I can at least watch DVDs and listen to music…And read by actual light. Not to mention the comfort of a newly expanded Walmart within walking distance. Yay. I mean…YAY!!

My mom and I will go to my old apartment and get some things ready before the movers come in and take everything away. My apartment didn’t seem damaged – either by water or smoke, so that’s a bonus. We cleared out my fridge last night, because the electricity had been turned off in each unit. Some people can still live in the building, just not on that side.

I’m hoping that I can visit the local library during my vacation so that I can blog and visit all of you. I’m grateful that I have tomorrow and next week off, without having to think about the office. The more tired I become of this new moving situation, the less stressed and worried I become about work. It would be nice to find a happy medium, and I think it’ll be here by tonight or tomorrow morning when things start rolling. The light in my office that has been burned out for weeks just flickered on. That’s gotta be a sign. Either that or I’ve developed telekinesis. I’m actually just thinking about blogging and my mind is doing it for me. Fascinating. ;)

So that’s it for now, buddies. I’ve got some actual work to do and then I must go to set up for our grad ceremony. Ta ta for now.


11 thoughts on “Status Whoa

  1. Oh my goodness. This is surprising news. I would never have guessed from what you wrote that you would end up having to move because of this. Even though it is being handled financially, moving is stressful. And Skittles will miss the balcony. But soon you will be all settled in and it will feel like home. Perhaps there will be cool new neighbors to meet. If I were there I would totally help you move!

    Oh, and hope the graduation ceremony goes well :-)

  2. I’m also very surprised that you’ll be out of your home for a year. Sometimes good things come from bad though, so I hope this turns out for the best for you, I’m sure you’ll make the most of it. Good luck and wishing you a speedy return to Internet access.

  3. Blimey – this is quite an exciting couple of days you’ve had. I’m glad you and Skittles are both safe and well, and I hope your new place is up and running and perfect ASAP!

    Thinking of ya!

  4. Wow, I just read this post and the last one and that really sucks. Unless I read too fast, it sounds like you personally didn’t lose anything so that is a relief. So sad about some animals in the complex dying though. So sad…

    Good luck with the move and your new place. I hope everything goes smoothly…

  5. Oh man, I can’t believe that there was a fire at your place. I’m so glad that you are okay and you’ll have another place to live soon. Hopefully settling into the new place will go smoothly.

  6. I’m glad you’ve found another place to stay and make your own–for a little while. I have to say that I’m impressed by your apt managers–paying for the moves and reducing rent and making sure y’all have a place to stay. You do live in a great apt complex! Wow.

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation and enjoy your library. I had to use their internet connection, too when my laptop was in the shop. I imagine you have taken pix of the whole event and the aftermath. I’m assuming it’s taking a year to redo the wiring. In addition to water and smoke damage, there could be mold as a result of all that water going down the walls. So, I can see how taking a year for repairs makes sense, esp. since winter will be coming soon, and I take it that’s a bad time to fix the roof.

    Take care and be safe! We’ll be here, waiting for you and wishing you the best.

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