Thank you again for the holiday ideas! This one is raw, it’s unhinged. It is a combination of your ideas and ones that just popped into my head just moments ago. I did not refer to any other site this time. Enjoy September, my lovely, creative, blogging friends!

1. Pretend It’s Still August Day
2. Teacher Appreciation Day
3. Just Say No to Brush Fires Day
4. The Beginning of Tara’s Super-Terrific Stay-cation!
5. Just Say Yes to Your Toothbrush and Hair Brush Day
6. Go to Bed Earlier Day
7. Feline Day
8. Banana Day
9. Jurassic Day
10. In Praise of the Car Day
11. Adult Learner Day
12. Stumble and Recover Day
13. Brain Disconnection Day
14. Back to Choir Day!
15. Dress As or Sing and Dance a Number from Your Favorite High School Movie Day (examples: Grease, Fame, Footloose, High School Musical, etc.)
16. Embarrassing Body Day
17. Blog About Your Pet Today
18. Blog About Your Best Friend Day
19. Suzel’s Birthday!/Regression Appreciation Day
20. Beverage Appreciation Day
21. Start Thinking About Your Halloween Costume Day
22. Hang Out With Friends and Laugh Hysterically Day
23. Consider Obtaining Another Degree Day
24. Buy Something On Day
25. Natural Cures Day
26. Favorite Scent Appreciation Day
27. Get Addicted to a New Series on TV Day
28. Sit in Public and Observe the Public Day
29. Essential Oil Appreciation Day
30. Bring Attention to One of Your Blessings Day


9 thoughts on “Septiembre!

  1. Laura B.: It will be a wild and crazy month! Cuz we are a bunch of…wild and crazy bloggers!

    Suze: Interesting! Suzel’s birthday…Hmm. :)

    Churlita: Thanks!

    Manuel: No…but there were different fires. You Californians need a holiday where you get plenty of rain to put out those nasty fires!

    NoRegrets: You took it to another level!

    Tim: I hope you had fun on August 32nd!

    Tim (volume II): Uh yup, that would be a completely different day. Or it could be a learning experience for adults too at the same time!

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